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Ways Funeral Directors Can Boost Their Employees’ Morale

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Funeral Profession

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When employees are engaged, they are more productive, happier, and tend to stick around longer. One way to keep your employees engaged is to boost their morale. In other words, funeral directors should promote confidence and enthusiasm in the workplace.

When your employees feel like their workplace values them, they will have a better attitude about their job. So when certain days are really tough, they will remember why being there is worth it.

Below we’re sharing a list of ways funeral directors can boost employee morale!

Ways to Boost Employee Morale

  • Provide snacks. At Frazer, our pantry is stocked full of all kinds of snacks. It gives our employees something to look forward to throughout the day and curbs any hunger that may get in the way of their focus.
  • Treat them to lunch. Whether you step out of the funeral home to grab a group lunch or get food catered, employees will appreciate getting a free meal.
  • Throw a holiday party. Use it as a time to recognize all the hard work your employees do…and to have some fun!
  • Have a company potluck. Choose a theme or holiday to have a potluck where everyone brings something to share. For example, we’ve had Halloween and Thanksgiving potlucks. We’ve even had a Fourth of July Bake-Off!
  • Host after-work get-togethers. Our team is always getting together for after-work happy hours or game nights. It’s a great way to get to know each other and connect.
  • Provide learning opportunities. In my first year at Frazer, I have already attended NFDA, The Funeral Service Business Plan, and ICCFA. I appreciate being able to learn more about the profession, and I’m sure some of your employees would be excited to as well!
  • Schedule fun breaks throughout the workday. Though this may not be possible every week, if you ever have the time, take an hour to do some team building activities. Some ideas are a cornhole tournament, going on a group walk, or eating lunch outside. By getting some fresh air and exercise, your employees will feel energized to take on the rest of the day.
  • Sponsor volunteering events. Your employees will feel good about giving back to the community. Cover the expenses for a charity race or let employees leave a couple of hours early to help at the local food drive.
  • Create a comfortable workspace. For employees who work at the computer, offer to get them a standing desk. This will alleviate the back pain that comes with sitting all day and make it easier for them to stay focused.
  • Keep communication open. Every employee should feel comfortable to come to you with any concerns whether or not they’re your assistant or a college-aged intern. Talking to the boss or higher-level employees should never feel scary.

What are some ways your workplace boosts employee morale? Share by commenting below!


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