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Ways to Celebrate Family Wellness Month After Your Loss

by | May 9, 2019 | For Families

Family Group Hug

May is Family Wellness Month, which means it’s time for your family to get back on track with maintaining healthy habits. However, after the loss of a loved one, we understand it can be even more difficult than usual to do this.

You all may feel too sad and tired to regularly exercise or cook healthy meals. But, by making the effort to be healthy, your family’s mood will improve, which will help with the grieving process.

That’s why we are sharing some simple ways your family can celebrate Family Wellness Month. By making your health goals a group effort, you’re all more likely to succeed!

Set Realistic Goals

Though grief can be a lifelong journey, as time passes, your family will begin to rebuild their lives. When setting health and wellness goals after a loss, start small. You can’t expect to run a marathon with no training, right? The same goes with living a healthy lifestyle after being in survival mode.

Below are some easy goals your family can start with:

  • Go on an evening walk after dinner.
  • Incorporate vegetables in every dinner.
  • Start the day with a piece of fruit.
  • Swap soda for water.
  • Limit yourself to one cup of coffee a day.
  • Plan a monthly active family outing.

Make Being Healthy Fun

Being healthy isn’t all counting calories and eating broccoli (though broccoli can be delicious in the right recipe). It can be fun! What activities does your family enjoy? Swimming at the public pool, a family bike ride, exploring the local nature reserve, playing tag in the backyard, and getting the neighbors together for a softball game are all fun ways to stay active.

Plan Your Meals Together

It may be hard to believe, but there are fun and kid-friendly recipes out there. You just have to search, depending on how picky of an eater your child is.

Next time you grocery shop, have your children come along. Let them pick out a new fruit or healthy snack they’ve never tried. Or, beforehand, decide on some fun recipes to make. Build-your-own-tacos are a fun and healthy meal that gets the whole family involved!

Swap Screen Time for Playtime

Sometimes people watch TV to escape their feelings of grief. After a while, however, this can make you and your family a bunch of couch potatoes.

Why not swap some of that screen time for playtime? With spring finally here, enjoy the beautiful weather by making a trip to the park. Or, on rainy days, slip on your rain gear and go puddle jumping. By shaking up your routine of sitting on the couch all evening, you all will feel more energized.

What are some ways your family celebrates Family Wellness Month? Share by commenting below!


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