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Website Crash Course Part 2: Is Your Website Making You Extra Revenue?

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Funeral Flowers, Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Payment Options

Tribute Pay and flower store

Over the next few weeks, join us for a crash course on the traits of a website that’s in the right decade. Next up this week, extra revenue. If you missed part one, check it out here. 

As we mentioned last week, your website’s design serves as the foundation for a website that’s in the right decade. But, don’t just stop there! Your website can do so much more for your funeral home, such as provide you with some extra revenue. 

Funeral homes with out-of-date websites are missing out on the new opportunities that extra revenue can provide. If you had to put projects on the back burner or didn’t think certain projects were possible, they can be with the right revenue-generating features. These features also can help create a more streamlined funeral planning process for your staff and families. 

Now, you may be thinking, that all sounds great, but how do you find these features without creating a lot of extra work for your staff? Let us help! With a Frazer-powered funeral home website, you get access to revenue-generating features for your funeral home that require little work for your staff. Our team handles the bulk of the work for you! 

Below, let’s go over what these features are and how they make you extra revenue. 

Get a Commission on Funeral and Sympathy Flower Sales with Tribute Store 

With Tribute Store, loved ones can conveniently order funeral flowers directly on their loved one’s Tribute Wall. With our store and flower network, there are more than 180 funeral floral arrangements to choose from. You choose which local florists you want to work with. If you choose multiple florists, the flower orders will evenly cycle between them. 

Since you’re hosting Tribute Store on your website, you get a commission from the flower sales. Then, you can use this extra revenue to update other areas of your business. We’ll go over some ideas later in this blog post! 

Tribute Store also helps keep traffic on your funeral home’s website instead of sending people elsewhere for flower orders. Then, you can continue to engage your website visitors with the other features on your interactive obituaries, such as by sharing memories, contributing to a crowdfunding campaign, sharing the obituary or condolence message to social media, and many other engagement opportunities. 

Get Paid Faster and Easier by Offering Multiple Payment Options with Tribute Pay 

Speaking of crowdfunding, this is just one part of our all-in-one payment platform Tribute Pay. With this payment tool, you can offer your client families multiple ways to pay for their funeral expenses, including credit card processing, eCheck, crowdfunding, life insurance assignments, and loans. For families tight on funds, this may be the deciding factor in choosing your funeral home over a competitor. 

With this online payment platform, your funeral home can get paid faster and easier than ever before. No more waiting around and wondering when you’ll get the funeral payment. Convenience was a major factor when creating this platform, so we deposit the funds directly into your funeral home’s account. As we adjust to the new normal with COVID-19, an online payment platform also is more convenient for families practicing social distancing. 

When designing Tribute Pay, we wanted to put your funeral home back in control. For example, with third-party crowdfunding sites, your firm isn’t in control of the funds raised, and these sites often take a large portion of the funds. However, with Tribute Crowdfunding, your funeral home is in control of the funds raised from the campaign.  

Use Your Extra Revenue from Your Website to Tackle Other Projects 

Your funeral home can use your extra funds to tackle projects you had to leave on the back burner or start something new! Whatever your goal is, your website can help make your dreams into a reality.  

Investing the funds back into your business also helps make sure you remain successful and continue to grow. Innovation is important for long-term success. When deciding how to use the funds, consider recent and upcoming funeral profession changes, trends, and most importantly, your families’ wants and needs. They’ll appreciate that your funeral home is committed to trying new things to provide the best funeral experiences possible. 

Below are some examples of things you can do with the extra funds: 

  • Renovations — Whether it’s put toward the funds for a large-scale renovation, such as adding a large event space, or a small-scale renovation, such as updating your lobby’s furniture and wall color, it can help create a more comforting, inviting environment. 
  • Services — Start saving up to add new service offerings, such as cremation or green burial services. 
  • Staff — Your funds also can contribute to hiring new staff members or interns. You also can use the extra revenue to treat your staff to something special, such as a summer barbeque or group dinner at a favorite local restaurant. 
  • Events — Use the funds to help plan your funeral home’s next event or webinar. 
  • Marketing — Invest in more marketing for your funeral home, such as building up an engaging social media presence. 

Not sure if your funeral home’s website passes the test? Download our free checklist to find out! 


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