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What Tribute Insurance Assignment Offers [Video]

by | May 10, 2018 | Funeral Payment Options, Funeral Profession Videos


Hi I’m Audrey Cassidy and I’m the Operations Manager of Frazer Consultants’ Tribute Insurance Assignment product.

We have the quickest, the easiest, and the most convenient submission process. It takes just a few minutes, our funeral homes can enter the deceased information, beneficiary information, policy information, that populates directly onto the assignment. You print it off, you sign it, you send it to us, and then you’re done with paperwork. No more completing claim forms, no more completing affidavits, we can take care of all that for our funeral homes.

We can accept an assignment on any type of assignable claim. This includes cause of death such as suicide, homicide, accident, or even pending causes of death that require toxicology reports that can sometimes take six months or more to complete. We’ve been able to get most of our verifications within 24 hours. And the funeral homes have been able to see the money within their account within 24 hours. A lot of them were significantly shorter time frame than that. A lot of times we’re actually able to deposit those funds into our funeral homes accounts the very same day that they submit a request for a claim. They’re able to get their services scheduled faster. They’re able to let the families know exactly what they have to work with. Exactly what amount of funds they are looking at that they can devote to those funeral expenses. And then they are able to have access to those funds.

By using Tribute Insurance Assignments, we’re confident we can get you your money faster than anyone else. What we also bring to the table that a lot of other companies just can’t offer is we have eight individuals that work for us that were life insurance professionals. They were all claims examiners, claims analysts, managers, supervisors at one of the largest insurance companies that services the U.S. We have over 63 years of experience in life insurance assignments.

We’re actually able to get the insurance company to process those quicker than if the family was filing the claim their self, or if the funeral home was filing the claim. That’s only because we’re on the phone with these insurance companies every single day. We know their claims process inside and out. We’re able to get them exactly the documents they need, completed the way they need them completed. They know what’s necessary and what we can do to ultimately get these claims processed as quick as possible for all of our customers.

We wanted to create a product in Tribute Insurance Assignments that was user friendly, easy, and efficient for our funeral directors to use. And I truly believe that we have succeeded in that and that this is going to be a product our funeral directors are going to want to use, and that is going to make their lives much, much easier.

To learn more give us a call at 1-844-993-3440 or click the link below to download our startup guide.

Tribute Insurance Assignments


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