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What You Need to Know About the Better Business Bureau

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Profession

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When families choose a funeral home, a lot of their decision is based on reputation. That means it’s important to have a good legacy, plenty of positive reviews, and a high Better Business Bureau rating.

If you aren’t familiar with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), this blog will get you started. By getting to know how this organization operates and serves consumers, you can learn how to receive a high rating and attract more business.

What is the Better Business Bureau?

The BBB is a nonprofit organization whose mission is “to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust.” Basically, it serves as a watchdog to see if businesses are adhering to high standards for their customers.

The BBB provides information about companies that consumers can use to determine if they want to do business with said company. Consumers can also submit complaints about a business to their local BBB. There are 112 local BBBs (each area gets its own BBB), each governed by a board of directors, which usually consists of businesspeople, academics, and community leaders.

Getting to Know Your Online Profile

Businesses have their own profile on their local BBB website. On your company’s profile, people can see your BBB accreditation, BBB rating, customer reviews, customer complaints, and business details. This is why it’s crucial to get positive reviews and a high rating.

How the Rating System Works

BBB ratings represent how a business is likely to treat their customers. If you have an F rating, it shows that you do not respect your customers or fail to provide quality service. Your rating is based on information BBB is able to gather about your business, taking public complaints into account. Ratings range from A+ (the best) to F (the worst). You can also get an NR (No Rating) if your BBB cannot gather enough information about your business.

How Accreditation Works

In order to receive BBB accreditation, you need to apply and pay a fee to cover their review and regular monitoring. Your eligibility is based off of whether or not your business meets their accreditation standards. These standards include trying to resolve any consumer complaints. You also need to be an honest advertiser, build marketplace trust, and show integrity. Learn all of their accreditation standards here.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

To prevent bias, the BBB claims that they do not endorse any businesses or the services or products they provide. It’s up to you to show consumers that you are a trustworthy business. By keeping complaints low and resolving them, you are showing your BBB that you deserve a high rating.

When it comes to complaints, they prefer to receive them in writing. They work with the business firm involved to resolve a complaint.

Caveats of the Better Business Bureau

One thing the BBB doesn’t do is give legal advice. If you have a consumer who is trying to damage your reputation, it is best to seek out legal advice on your own. It also does not give recommendations or endorsements, which is why it’s a good idea to encourage your client families to leave positive reviews!

Another thing to note is criticisms the BBB has received from the media. For example, in this ABC News report, there was speculation that business owners can simply pay for a good rating. However, the BBB claimed this was done in error. It’s hard to say what actually happened, but if your funeral home ever has issues with your BBB rating or profile, it’s best to contact your local BBB.


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