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Why Women are the Most Important Demographic Your Funeral Home Can’t Afford To Ignore

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Funeral Home Websites

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Did you know that two-thirds of funerals are planned and paid for by women?

Women hold an undeniable amount of purchasing power, and, according to, make over 85 percent of consumer purchases in the United States while influencing over 95%. Not only do they earn, spend, and influence at a greater rate than ever before, but 78% of women conduct research online before making a purchasing decision.

Most funeral directors recognize that funeral planning is a process that has long been dominated by women. With so many women in charge of planning and funding funerals, and knowing that she will likely consult the web before making any purchasing decision, your funeral home website must be equipped to serve this key demographic.

Did You Know?

Women are more likely than men to preplan their funeral by a margin of 2-1? 

Give them the tools they need to preplan and pre-fund their funeral right from your funeral home website.

Nearly three-fourths of women use their smartphones and digital devices to browse websites online? 

Give them immediate, on-the-go access to your funeral home website with a mobile-ready site from Frazer Consultants.

Women grieve differently than men? 

Our free “365 Days of Healing” message service is written from the female perspective and shares helpful tips and tricks for managing grief.

Women are more active than men on nearly all major social networks? 

Give your female site visitors a way to create permanent virtual tributes for their loved ones in the social format they are comfortable with — Social Tribute Walls come standard on any Frazer-powered website!

Four out of five flower purchases are made by women?

Cater to her needs with a fully integrated flower store on your funeral home website (And earn a commission on every purchase).

Research shows that women are more likely than men to ask for driving directions?

With our innovative “Text Directions” feature, your guests can have event directions sent directly to their smartphones for easy navigation.


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