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Why You Should Overcome Your Fear Of Change

by | May 18, 2016 | Funeral Profession

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Change is scary for a lot of people. But why?

For many, the fear of change stems from the fear of being vulnerable. Many of us would rather stay comfortable than be subject to failure, pain, embarrassment — the list goes on.

But what we should really be afraid of is what we might miss out on by not taking that chance and getting outside of our comfort zone. Maybe there will be some pain or disappointment, maybe you will fail. But what if you don’t? What if the change you make is a wild success, and you end up being happier and generally better off because of it?

This can be true in both our personal and professional lives. Some people are hesitant to go on that date with someone they hardly know, to move to a new city they’ve never been to before, or to go on a hot air balloon ride for the first time. Others are afraid to start their own business, to switch careers, or to try something new for their business.

When it comes to being vulnerable as a businessperson, a whole new host of problems arises. Will my families like this change? Is it worth the financial investment? What about the time investment?

These are the things many of our customers at Frazer Consultants asked themselves when they were considering creating a website for the first time or switching to us from another website provider. At Frazer, we understand that change is scary, which is why we try so hard to minimize the risks and fears for you:

  • We import all of your existing information to your new website for you, so there’s no loss of obituaries or other important information.
  • We keep your domain name the same, so existing customers can still easily find you.
  • Your current website remains completely operational while we design your new site.
  • We set up everything your site needs, but make it easy for you to change and customize as your needs change.
  • We’re here for you whenever you have questions or concerns.


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