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Why Your Funeral Home Should Have a Blog

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Funeral Home Marketing

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Does your funeral home have a blog? If not, it’s never too late to start! It’s a great opportunity to educate your community about funerals, grief, and your products and services. Per a 2016 Demand Gen Report, 47% of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative.

So, for instance, let’s say Jane wants to preplan her funeral but doesn’t know where to start. While on your website, she clicks on your blog and reads your post “Funeral Planning for First-Time Funeral Planners.” Then, she clicks a link in that post that takes her to your preplanning webpage. There, she sees your online preplanning form and fills it out following the outline in your post. This is just one hypothetical example of how a blog can generate more leads for your funeral home.

Still not convinced yet? Let’s go over the benefits of starting a funeral home blog.

Increase Funeral Preplanning

Like the example above, it can increase funeral preplanning — which helps your funeral home gain more leads. For instance, you can write a series of posts about funeral preplanning, such as why it’s important, what materials you need to include, and information about prepaying for your funeral. This way, families can make more educated funeral decisions and know the basics before meeting with your staff.

Become a Thought Leader

By educating your families, you’re establishing yourselves as thought leaders about everything related to funerals and grief. You can become the go-to resource in your community for everything regarding death, funerals, and coping with a loss. Since you already have the knowledge, you just need to write it in a format that’s understandable to someone not immersed in the funeral profession. This way, your followers also will be more likely to use your funeral home’s services in the future.

Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

Additionally, having a blog boosts your funeral home’s search engine optimization. By having it directly on your website, you’re keeping traffic on your website instead of taking people to a different place. For example, all Frazer-powered websites come with an easy-to-use blog feature.

You also should share your posts on your funeral home’s social media pages to get more traffic back to your website. You can’t just rely on people organically coming across it on your website, so you need to have an established marketing strategy for it to be successful. For more information about social media promotion, check out our free eBook.


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