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Why Your Funeral Home Should Offer Your Families Funeral Crowdfunding

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Funeral Payment Options

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Four in ten Americans can’t afford an unexpected expense of $400, per CNN Money. This is a truly alarming statistic since most unexpected expenses cost even more than this amount.

For example, when a family’s loved one dies unexpectedly, they may not have the funds for the funeral. They’ll look to your funeral home for alternative funeral payment solutions. And if you don’t offer these services, they’ll go to your competitor down the road who does.

With March 14 being Crowdfunding Day, we want to take this opportunity to discuss the importance of offering funeral crowdfunding.

Importance of Crowdfunding

Funeral crowdfunding can help families plan the funeral that their loved one deserves. Instead of worrying about the cost, they can create a service that truly reflects who their loved one was. Plus, funeral crowdfunding can be used for more than just funeral expenses, such as a memorial fund, children’s college funds, medical expenses, and bills.

Crowdfunding gives your community members a thoughtful way to help the grieving family and honor their loved one. It brings your community together in a time of need and shows the grieving family that their community supports them.

Offering crowdfunding also makes your funeral home stand out in your community. You’re able to serve more families who can’t afford to pay the funeral expenses up front. Plus, it gets your name out to the community so that you’re in mind when families need your services.

Why Just Any Crowdfunding Service Won’t Work

However, your funeral home should be careful when offering crowdfunding services. It’s best to avoid using third-party sites because your funeral home isn’t in control of the funds. You’re also missing out on crucial website traffic.

That’s why your funeral home should offer crowdfunding directly on your website. This way, you remain in control of the funds raised, traffic stays on your website, and families have a convenient and easy way to donate. So, how can your funeral home offer this?

Funeral Crowdfunding Solution: Tribute Crowdfunding

With Tribute Crowdfunding, one part of our funeral payment platform Tribute Pay, people can donate and leave a message directly on a loved one’s Tribute Wall on your Frazer-powered funeral home website. The funds raised go to your funeral home, so you don’t have to worry about where the funds are going. Plus, if you exceed the crowdfunding campaign goal, you can write the family a check for the excess amount.

By offering this service directly on the obituary page, traffic also stays on your funeral home’s website. And it’s a few quick and easy steps to turn on a crowdfunding campaign on an obituary.

Other Tribute Pay Features

In addition to Tribute Crowdfunding, Tribute Pay has several other alternative payment options: Tribute Loans, Tribute Insurance Assignments, credit card processing, and eChecks. With multiple options like these, your families are sure to find a funeral payment option that’s right for them.


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