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Women Changing the Funeral Profession

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Funeral Profession

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The funeral profession used to be a male-dominated industry. However, more and more women are beginning to become funeral directors. In fact, in the past few decades, the number of funeral directors who are women has increased to 43%. 60% of mortuary students are women, which means this profession will continue to see more women.

To show our support of women in the funeral profession, we want to highlight a few women who are changing the profession and providing quality care to families.

Amber Carvaly and Caitlin Doughty of Undertaking LA 

Amber is the director of the all-women funeral home, Undertaking LA. She also has experience working in nonprofits and aims to give back to the community. Amber works alongside owner Caitlin Doughty to provide modern funeral services for families. They want to promote a death-positive culture and make planning for death less of a taboo. They also believe it is important for families to be more involved in the dying process of their loved one.

Melissa Unfred of The Modern Mortician

Melissa and her loyal companion Kermit (the dog) offer services and education for progressive funeral care. She educates the public on green burials, flame cremation, aquamation, traditional services, and body and tissue donation facilitation.

She wants people to be aware of all the choices out there for funeral services, so people and their loved ones get exactly what they want. She and Kermit make many appearances across the country to spread her knowledge. Also, Kermit is a certified therapy dog in funeral care!

The Women of Ogden Funeral Home

When people think of funeral directors, they tend to imagine older men. That isn’t the case for Ogden Funeral Home. Justine Dominique Johnson (funeral director), Alyssa Komar (funeral director), Iris Ordonez (receptionist), and Kennedy Bacher (intern) are all female staff members of the funeral home and are all under 30-years-old.

These four women understand the challenges that come with a male-dominated field and still are passionate about the care they provide to families. They understand that with any struggles they may face, the reward of helping their community is worth it.

Being a good funeral director has nothing to do with gender or race. It has to do with compassion and willingness to serve. We thank all funeral directors for showing families that you care and are there for them in their time of need.

Do you know of an inspiring woman in the funeral profession? Share her story in the comments below!


  1. Ellen Newman

    Amy Cunningham of the Inspired Funeral in New York. Became a funeral director in her 50’s qnd offers a very unique and creative service. Wendy Ree of KORU Cremation and Burial in Vancouver and the founder of KORU Ngaio Davis. Both women are offering creative, responsive family focused funeral homes. Finally Krystal Ridell of Essentials Cremation & Burial of Niagara Falls. Just open over a year and Krystal has won numerous awards and is offering an amazing and unique service, one of the very very few funeral homes openly supporting green burial. All of these women deserve a place on your list.

  2. Melissa Unfred

    Rebecca Roblidas Gardner, program director for the Mortuary Science Program at North East Texas Community College!

    Thelma T. Garza, owner/operator of an alll female staffed Austin Mortuary Service, serving funeral homes all over the world from the heart of Texas!

    Amy Cunningham of Fitting Tribute Funerals in New York! Incorporating home funerals and natural burial into end of life care amd execution.

    Monica Torres, Inman Shipping/NXTGen is a fierce female embalmer who has created new and perfected old skills in the prep room.


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