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Writing Tips: What to Say in Sympathy and Thank-You Cards

by | Oct 25, 2017 | For Families

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Finding the right words during a time of loss can be difficult.

Whether it’s the family saying thanks or loved ones sharing sympathy, it’s hard to express your feelings while mourning. You want to find a meaningful, yet concise way to express your sympathy or show thanks for their support.

To help make things easier, below you’ll find a few writing tips and sample texts.

Writing Sympathy Cards

The first thing to remember when writing sympathy cards is that it may not be possible to find the perfect words. And that’s okay. The main point of sympathy cards is to show your loved ones that you’re there for them. However, you can make things easier by following these steps below.

The three main things to include in a sympathy card are:

  1. Expression of sympathy
  2. Expression of gratitude for knowing the deceased (if applicable)
  3. Expression of support

Each of these topics can represent a sentence in your sympathy note. And, if you didn’t personally know the deceased, you can share some kind words about them instead.

Also, there are some phrases you should avoid, including:

  1. “I know how you feel.”
  2. “Everything happens for a reason.”
  3. “(S)he was so young.”

Along with these phrases, you also should avoid giving unsolicited advice. Everyone processes grief in their own way, so you should stick to providing support.

Sympathy Card Examples

Here are some ready-to-use text examples you can use as a starting point for your own sympathy cards!

Example #1

(Insert name(s)),

I’m/We’re deeply saddened to hear about the loss of (insert name). I’m/We’re grateful to have known (insert name), as he/she brought so much joy into my life/our lives. Please don’t hesitate to give me/us a call if you need anything.


(insert name(s))

Example #2

Dear (insert name(s)),

My/Our heart(s) go out to you and your family for the loss of (insert name). I’m/We’re thankful for the happy memories I/we have with him/her. I’m/We’re always here for you.

Your friend(s),

(insert name(s))

Example #3

The (insert last name) family,

I’m/We’re sorry to hear about the loss of (insert name). He/she was a kindhearted person that will never be forgotten. Your family is in my/our thoughts and prayers.


(insert name(s))

Writing Thank-You Cards

When writing thank-you cards, it’s alright to be short and sweet. Your loved ones understand the mix of emotions you’re going through. So all you need to do is give them a quick thanks for their kindness. This also shows them that you appreciate their support and know that they’re there for you.

Thank-You Card Examples

Here are some ready-to-use thank-you card text examples. Funeral directors, you can find these and much more on Tribute Center to help your families express their thanks.

  1. Thank you for your words of sympathy, your voice of concern, your gesture of caring, and the love you offer.
  2. In moments of sorrow, it’s family and friends who bring love and peace. Thank you sincerely.
  3. What a comfort for us to know that our burden of grief was shared by our family and friends. Thank you.
  4. Your comforting expression of sympathy will always be remembered with deep gratitude.
  5. Just saying thank you doesn’t seem enough. Hope you know how much your thoughtfulness is appreciated.


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