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10 Memorialization Ideas for Springtime

by | Mar 21, 2018 | For Families

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Spring is a time of new beginnings; and with the grief of losing a loved one, we need to discover a new identity and new life without their physical presence. But we can keep their memory alive through sharing stories and creating memorial traditions in their honor.

Below are 10 memorialization ideas for springtime!

Dedicate a Memorial Bench

Spring is the perfect time to plan outdoor memorials in honor of a loved one. A memorial bench is something families can make a tradition of visiting together. It’s also a good place to visit on your own to reflect and think about your loved one. Check with your local park to find out the requirements for dedicating a bench.

Display a Garden Stone

Another outdoor memorial idea is an engraved garden stone. You can place it in your garden or yard and have it personalized with your loved one’s name, lifespan, and a short message. It can even be shaped like a heart or another significant symbol to add more personalization.

Have a Releasing Ceremony

A releasing ceremony is a beautiful way to honor a loved one’s memory. It brings your whole family together and gets everyone involved in the memorial tradition. If you use lanterns or balloons, keep the environment in mind and make sure that they’re biodegradable.

Make a Bird Feeder

Give back to nature and its creatures by making a DIY bird feeder memorial. It can be anything from a simple recycled bottle bird feeder to a long-lasting wooden bird feeder. Or you can get a personalized bird feeder engraved with your loved one’s name, lifespan, and a short message.

Organize a Community Memorial Ceremony

Your community can lean on each other for support while grieving and memorializing your loved ones. You can organize a community memorial ceremony to pay tribute to the deceased members of the community and bring everyone together to share memories. You can even incorporate other memorialization ideas, such as having a releasing ceremony.

Plant Flowers or Trees

What better time than spring to plant flowers or a memorial tree in a loved one’s honor? It can be their favorite flower or tree, or a plant that symbolizes a certain emotion, such as love and remembrance. Just make sure you have permission to plant them in your desired location.

Send Flowers

If you’ve planted a beautiful flower garden, why not send them to someone in need? Make flower bouquets and bring them to your local hospitals and nursing homes. Or find a flower donation program, such as Random Acts of Flowers, that will give your flowers to someone to brighten their day.

Start a Community Garden

You can create your own private garden, but you also can create a community-wide memorial garden. Everyone can come together and plant flowers in honor of their loved ones. You can place memorial garden stones or another significant marker by the plants to honor their memory.

Take a Walk or Bike Ride

For those who live in colder climates, springtime finally allows for nature walks and bike rides. Honor your loved ones by taking a walk or bike ride on their favorite trail. Nature also is proven to have a positive effect on our mood and emotional health.

Visit and Decorate a Loved One’s Gravesite

Visit your loved one’s gravesite or ash scattering location and decorate it with beautiful flowers, wind chimes, and other decorations. Just check with the cemetery to make sure your decorations follow any gravesite décor rules.

What other spring-themed memorialization ideas do you have? Share them in the comments!


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