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20 Special Ways to Honor a Loved One at a Wedding

by | Jun 23, 2017 | For Families

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Gone but not forgotten. Although a loved one may no longer be with us, there are still ways we can evoke their memories, honor their lives, and have them celebrate alongside us on important days, such as a wedding.

Ideas for Honoring a Loved One

  1. Carry a memento with you down the aisle, like an old wedding ring, as a discrete and private way to honor their memory.
  2. Wear something that reminds you of that person, such as earrings, brooches, or a handkerchief.
  3. Include their favorite flowers in your bouquet.
  4. Wrap flower bouquets in old ties that he used to wear.
  5. Add a small photo or memorial message to your flower bouquet.
  6. Include a short “In Loving Memory” or similar tribute section in the wedding program.
  7. Have a photo table or display. Use photos of your favorite memories spent together.
  8. Light a tribute candle next to a photo display or the wedding registry.
  9. Make a memorial toast and share a few memories of your loved one.
  10. Offer a brief moment of silence to honor your loved one.
  11. Use an heirloom they’ve passed on to you. For example, give a toast out of a champagne flute they may have gifted you.
  12. Incorporate their favorite food or snack into your wedding favors.
  13. Instead of offering a wedding favor, make a small donation to a charity or medical association for your loved one.
  14. Place a photo and some flowers on a chair at the ceremony and the reception to keep a physical reminder of their presence with you on your wedding day.
  15. Have someone hold a photo of your loved one during the ceremony.
  16. Wear an old wedding dress that’s been passed down to you, or consider wearing the heirloom dress for photos a few days before the wedding.
  17. Dance to a special song that reminds you of them.
  18. Have someone read part of an old letter or handwritten note from your loved one in part of their speech at the reception.
  19. Have a small releasing ceremony of balloons with a small message attached for your loved one. You also can have other small tributes, such as releasing butterflies or lighting fireworks.
  20. Offer guests Forget-Me-Not flower seeds as a wedding favor.


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