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5 DIY Mementos to Honor a Loved One’s Memory

by | Mar 7, 2019 | For Families

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Making DIY mementos is a great way to feel connected to your loved one and honor their memory.

From a simple, yet beautiful memorial frame to a more intricate memory bear, there are many crafts to choose from. Your family can make the DIY mementos together, or you can give them as gifts that they’ll cherish forever.

To give you some ideas, below are a few DIY mementos you can make to remember your loved one by.

1. Memory Bears

A memory bear is a huggable memento to bring you comfort while grieving your loss. To make a memory bear, you sew the teddy bear out of your loved one’s old clothing. You can use anything, such as their wedding dress, alma mater clothing, favorite shirt, military uniform, or another significant outfit.

Check out this memory bear blog post for more details!

2. Photo-Based Mementos

Photos bring about some of the most powerful memories of a loved one. Creating a beautiful photo-based memento with photos of your loved one can help you feel close to them.

There are many photo-based mementos you can choose from, but here are a few ideas:

  • Photo album or scrapbook of your loved one’s life or your memories with your loved one
  • Personalized memorial frame decorated with your loved one’s name and other décor
  • Photo wreath to display your favorite photos of your loved one

3. Flower-Based Mementos

Use your loved one’s funeral flowers to make a truly personal and unique memento. Or you also can use your loved one’s favorite flower to make the memento.

Depending on the flower preservation technique you choose, these are a few flower-based memento ideas:

  • Dried flower shadow box for arranging your flowers with photos, mementos, and other décor
  • Frame-pressed flower in a picture frame
  • Flower ornament using a clear, glass ornament with a removable top for placing the flowers inside

For flower preservation tips and more memento ideas, check out this funeral flower preservation article!

4. Personalized Journal

If you want an ongoing memento, a personalized grief journal may be right for you! A grief journal can be for sharing memories of your loved one, expressing your grief, telling your loved one about your life, or whatever you wish. If you want a craft project, you can construct a DIY journal, or you can use a pre-made journal.

Learn more about grief journals in this blog post!

5. Poem or Song

Another writing-based memento idea is to write a poem or song dedicated to your loved one. Then, this could be something read or sang at a memorial service for your loved one. Or it can just be something shared among close family and friends or kept to yourself. You also could read it at your loved one’s gravesite, ash scattering location, or memorial location.

Have you made DIY mementos in honor of a loved one? Share your ideas with us in the comments!


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