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Best Podcasts About Grief and Death

by | Nov 7, 2018 | For Families

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Podcasts have become increasingly popular in the past few years. Between Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and many other apps, you will be sure to find a podcast that interests you.

As more podcasts are produced, the number of topics covered has grown. A couple topics that have a newer emergence of podcasts are grief and death. Podcasters want to talk about these topics that have once been taboo. This allows listeners to better understand grief and death. It also gives those experiencing loss time to not feel so alone in their grieving process.

If you’re looking for podcasts that discuss or reflect on grief and death, check out the list below.

Griefcast with Cariad Lloyd

Cariad Lloyd is a British comedian who wants to talk about death and grief with fellow funny people. Her own father passed away when she was 15. Many years after his death, she decided to start talking about him more and express what she went through. This inspired her to create Griefcast as a chance to “talk, share, and laugh” about the weirdness of grief.

She promises the humor of the podcast keeps it from being depressing but can at times be bleak. Every week, she sits down with a different comedian to talk about their experience with loss and grief. Her goal is to make more people able to talk about the very human process of loss and death.

Listen here.

This American Life — Life After Death

The death of someone can make people feel a lot of emotions, grief being one of them. Certain types of death can leave blameless people feeling like they are at fault. This episode of This American Life focuses on people in these types of situations.

This podcast shows how some things in life are out of our control — especially death — and that it’s not always easy accepting that.

Listen here.

Kaddish — A Podcast on Death & Mourning

This monthly podcast hosted by Student Rabbi Ariana Katz focuses on mourning rituals and customs. Jewish tradition helps frame the show. Ariana discusses topics such as suicide, queer and transgender burial, reproductive loss, and mourning chosen family. Guests on this podcast talk about their specific interests and use storytelling to talk about grief and healing.

Listen here.

Stuff You Should Know — How Grief Works

Hosts Josh and Chuck choose a topic each episode and discuss how it works. Some topics include Easy-Bake ovens, waterbeds, and grief. In the grief episode, they discuss Western human grief. In the past, grief has been constrained to the five stages of grief. This podcast sheds light on more recent research that says grief is not as cut and dried as we may think.

Listen here.

Grief Works

Grief psychotherapist, Julia Samuel, hosts this podcast that features stories of life, death, and surviving. Julia has over 25 years of experience working with people who have experienced loss and grief. We get to hear from guests that have experienced great love and loss and how they managed to survive it all.

Listen here.

Do you know of any good podcasts about death and grief? Share them by commenting below!


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