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Why Blogging is Important for Your Funeral Home [Video]

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Funeral Profession Videos, John Ashworth


John: Alright, we’re here today talking with Sam our in-house marketing expert about the importance of blogging for your funeral home, how effective it is as a marketing tool, and how it can really help you reach out to your local community and your client families. Tell us a little bit about the importance of blogging, Sam.

Sam: Blogging is really important because it helps you engage with families in your community, but it also really helps with search engine optimization or SEO for your website.

John: And how does it help with SEO? And SEO is, again, that’s putting good keywords into your website, into your blogs so that the search engines can find you. How does a blog help you do that?

Sam: So blogs are full of keywords and they’re full of all sorts of really good information, but also, they’re really fresh content. And search engines love that. They love when you’re updating content frequently and putting different types of content on the web. And so they will reward you by putting your website higher up in the search results.

John: Now I can hear funeral home owners and directors saying, “now that’s all great, but I don’t have a lot of time.” In fact, I think it may be hard for me to come up with a lot of ideas, too. Let’s cover the first one, time. How can you make this work inside your own busy schedule as a funeral home owner?

Sam: So you really only need to post maybe once a week or once every other week. So just come up with a plan, talk with your staff, see who’s willing to help you write these blogs. And then just, you know, come up with a list of ideas that you want to start with and then just sit down when you have time, write one or two of them, and just start stocking up on them. And eventually you’ll have a collection of blogs, so that when you’re really busy and you’re really swamped with families or maybe it’s during the holidays, you’ll have a ton just sitting around ready to go.

John: So the only question I have left for you, what are you waiting for to get started? Sam, where can they find this eBook?

Sam: You can download this eBook just by clicking the link below this video.

How to Create a Successful Blog for Your Funeral Home


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