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Eight Ways to Honor and Remember Dad This Father’s Day

by | Jun 13, 2019 | For Families

Father and daughter

With Father’s Day almost here, we want to show our support for those who are honoring and remembering dad. Even though your dad isn’t physically present, his memory lives on forever through you.

Below are some ways to honor and remember dad this Father’s Day. You can do most of these activities as a family or as your own personal tribute.

1. Visit His Gravesite or Memorial Location

Take some time on Father’s Day to visit his gravesite, memorial location, or ash scattering location. You can use it as a time to clean up the area and place flowers and mementos. Just make sure to check the cemetery’s grave decoration rules.

2. Donate to a Charity in His Name

A great way to honor his memory while making a positive difference is to donate in his name. You can choose his favorite charity or a cause he was passionate about. Or, donate your time instead through volunteering in your community.

3. Create a Scrapbook to Remember Dad

A scrapbook is a meaningful way to preserve a loved one’s memory forever. You can include photos from your dad’s childhood, family vacations, and other meaningful life moments. It’s also something that can be passed down in your family for generations to keep his memory alive.

4. Write in a Grief Journal

Another way to preserve memories is to write about them! Start a grief journal for documenting your favorite memories with him and what made him special. You also can use it to express your grief and share life updates with him.

5. Make a Memory Bear

If you’re ready to tackle a more detailed memorial craft project, make a memory bear. You can sew a memory bear out of his best suit, fishing gear, favorite shirt, or whatever clothing item best represents who he was.

6. Tell Stories About Him

Paint a vivid picture of your cherished memories with your dad through storytelling. This is especially helpful for family and friends who never got the chance to meet him. You can tell your kids, grandkids, or anyone who wants to listen about your dad.

7. Do His Favorite Hobby

Whether it was reading a good book or boating on a sunny day, do what made him happy. Or, do an activity that you always did together. You can even start the tradition with your own kids or grandkids.

8. Host a Memorial Dinner

Gather your family and friends for a memorial dinner in his honor. Everyone can share their favorite memories they had with him and look through old photo albums — or even that beautiful scrapbook you made!

What other ways can you honor and remember dad this Father’s Day? Share them with us in the comments!


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