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From Burials to Movies: An Inside Look at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

by | May 30, 2019 | For Families

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Hollywood Forever Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Los Angeles, founded in 1899. There are a lot of people from the entertainment industry buried there. However, these aren’t the only reasons this cemetery is so popular. The cemetery also hosts community events from movie screenings to music concerts.

Let’s dive into everything that makes Hollywood Forever Cemetery what it is today.

Brief History of Hollywood Forever Cemetery

In 1899, Hollywood Cemetery was the famous cemetery’s original name. Then, the name later changed to Hollywood Memorial Park until it became today’s name Hollywood Forever Cemetery in 1998. Paramount Pictures also is on the same block as the cemetery, and the land was a part of the cemetery, but there weren’t any burials there.

Funeral Planning

The cemetery even has its own funeral home on the grounds to make funeral planning even easier. The Hollywood Funeral Home provides all the typical services, such as transportation of the body, funeral service personalization, and a selection of memorial products and more. They also have several spaces for hosting a memorial service to honor a loved one’s memory.

Notable Burials

There are many well-known people from the entertainment industry buried at the cemetery, including some well-known people from Los Angeles. A few notable people are Mel Blanc, Jerry Siegel, Judy Garland, and Anton Yelchin. For a full list of notable burials, check out this article. And coming soon, there will be an interactive map feature on their website for a virtual cemetery tour.

Community Events

What truly makes this cemetery unique is its community involvement. The cemetery regularly hosts community events, such as music concerts, storytelling, movie screenings, and more. They also have a large Dia de los Muertos celebration that has more than 40,000 people attend. Some of the event’s activities include music, crafts, dancers, a procession, and more.

Since it’s first and foremost a cemetery, they also have guided tours to view the gravesites and pay your respects. Or, they also have a walking guidebook for those who want to walk around Hollywood Forever Cemetery by themselves.

Have you ever visited Hollywood Forever Cemetery? Share your experience with us in the comments!


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