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Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day [Video]

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Funeral Profession Videos, John Ashworth


John: This Sunday March 11th is National Funeral Director Appreciation Day. And here at Frazer, we thought we would take an opportunity to share with you some of the stories that we a few of us here have personally about how one of you really, really helped us at one point in our lives with the loss of a loved one. Many of us have these stories, and this is just a great opportunity for us to share those with you.

My own personal story is around the death of great grandma Bernice who was 106 years old when she died. Beautiful woman, very important part of the family. She had the traditional funeral service: wake, visitation, burial, the whole thing very important to her. She preplanned that experience and everyone knew exactly what needed to be done on the day that we celebrated her life.

The funeral director at the cemetery, myself and my family, we stayed through the whole way, watched the coffin go into the ground, the whole thing, and the funeral director on that day was so patient with all of us, my wife, my kids who were a lot younger then, they had a lot of questions and they were processing the emotions and that person really took the time to do what needed to be done to listen, to explain, and to allow us to go through the process of saying goodbye to great grandma Bernice.

Thank you for everything you do. We really, really appreciate it. We are here to serve you and I hope you enjoy these other two stories.

Sam: Hi, I’m Sam, and I’m the marketing manager here at Frazer Consultants. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for funeral directors and one memory in particular that I have that stands out is when a friend of mine passed away in high school. He was really young. It was a really tragic thing, but the funeral directors really made a difference.

We celebrated what he had planned for his life. He was a part of the firefighters’ junior explorer league. He was really involved with the local fire department, and so they got the fire department involved. They did a last call for him, like what they do with the veteran firefighters, and, you know, just really celebrated what he had planned and all of the good things that he had going for him instead of focusing on the fact that it was a really tragic death with how young he was, and I think that made all the difference for us.

Renee: Hi, I’m Renee, and I’m a customer success representative here at Frazer. I was nine years old when my grandma passed away. It was pretty much a day like any other day, Sunday morning, and it was her 91st birthday.

My dad called our local funeral home, Daniels Funeral Home in Burlington, Wisconsin, and Matt Daniels came to the house and he really brought so much of a calmness to all of the grief and kind of craziness that was going on in the house that day. You know, we were busy calling family, and it was so nice to have someone there who could take you step by step through such an unforgiving really process, and it’s something that my family will always be grateful for.

John: We’ve also written a terrific blog post on the subject which you can find on the Frazer Consultants website where we reveal all of the reasons that we are so grateful to you for the work that you do every single day.

I encourage you to read that blog post by clicking the link below.

Celebrating the Service and Work of Our Funeral Directors


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