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How These Philly Fans Celebrated the Eagles’ First Super Bowl

by | Feb 13, 2018 | For Families, In the News

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After 57 years of trying to earn the Lombardi trophy, the Philadelphia Eagles finally got it. And although some Philly fans are no longer around to experience it, their loved ones made sure they could celebrate in spirit.

Celebrating in Spirit

One man flew all the way up from Tampa to celebrate with others at the Super Bowl parade. He brought along his grandfather’s ashes with him to spread at the parade.

He wasn’t alone. Several others brought urns of their loved ones, so they could celebrate in spirit.

While some were spreading ashes at the parade, others took the time to celebrate the win by visiting the graves of their loved ones. They decorated the graves with Eagles memorabilia and newspapers of the win.

The Power of Sports

Sports can play a powerful role in shaping our relationships and how we connect with those around us. Think about a father introducing his son to his favorite baseball team, one that he had learned to love from his father years earlier. Or a husband and wife who have a tradition to tailgate with friends and cheer on their former college team. These are the ways sports build a camaraderie and sense of community among family, friends, and even strangers.

In an article about How Being a Sports Fan Makes You Happier and Healthier, Professor Alan Pringle told the Huffington Post sports can offer “three generations of a family a shared experience, shared language and shared emotion that is not found in too many other areas of life.” He also said that being a fan of a sport has a “deeply rooted heritage that connects you to others across time, transcending the barriers that divide people generationally.”

So for these Eagles fans, the Super Bowl was much more than just a game. It was an opportunity to feel that connection again with their loved ones who are no longer with us.


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