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How to Honor and Remember Your Parents This Parents’ Day

by | Jul 18, 2018 | For Families

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This Parents’ Day on July 22, it’s a time to show your love and appreciation for your parents, grandparents, or guardians. However, for some people, it’s a time to honor their memory and grieve their loss.

Through inspiring grief resources and thoughtful mementos and traditions, you can find unique and personalized ways to remember your parents this Parents’ Day. We’ve brainstormed a variety of ideas below, so there’s something for children of all ages.

Grief Books

Losing A Parent: Practical Help for You and Other Family Members — Fiona Marshall

No matter the circumstances, losing a parent is one of the most difficult things to experience. In Marshall’s book, she helps those who are grieving find ways to cope with their loss and find hope again.

Healing the Adult Child’s Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas After Your Parents Die — Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt

Author and grief counselor Alan Wolfelt provides ways to cope with the loss of a parent in an easy-to-read format that won’t overwhelm those who are grieving. Additionally, Wolfelt also suggests ways to help the surviving parent and siblings cope with the loss.

Till We Meet Again: A Children’s Book About Death and Grieving — Julie Muller and Camryn Cox

This children’s book helps children who are grieving a loss better understand death and grief in an age-appropriate way that makes sense to them. They can learn how to honor their loved one’s memory and keep their memory alive through storytelling.

Inspirational Blogs and Articles

Huffington Post: Losing A Parent

The Huffington Post has a variety of articles about losing a parent. The specific topics range from grief and ways to cope to sharing stories and ways to honor their memory. Those who are grieving can discover ways to grieve and remember their loved one that work for them, as well as gain some comfort in hearing other people’s experiences with loss and how to cope.

Kathy’s Blog: Healing from the Loss of a Parent

This blog shares the personal experience of losing a parent, coping with the loss, and finding ways to honor their memory. The blogger lost a parent to cancer, but anyone who is grieving a loss can find comfort and hope through reading her blog posts.

10 Things Nobody Tells You About Losing a Parent

This Beyond article shares the honest truths about losing a parent. Through insight on the emotions you may feel and reassurance that it’s okay to not be okay, those who a grieving a loss of a parent can both learn and find comfort in this article.

Grief Organizations

Family Lives On Foundation

This foundation focuses on helping children cope with the loss of a parent. Through online resources and programs for sharing traditions and stories, the foundation will video chat with children and the surviving parent to help find ways to grieve their loss and send them helpful tools and resources.

Our House Grief Support Center

Our House strives to give children, teenagers, and adults healthy ways to cope with their loss and a support system to help them on their grief journey. Although the center is located in California, they still have many online resources to help those who are grieving.

Comfort Zone Camp

This camp helps children who are grieving the loss of a parent, sibling, or guardian. Through a variety of programs and activities for children ages five to 25 and programs for the entire family, those who are grieving can come together and find ways to cope. There are currently camps throughout the country, such as in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, and California.

Memorial Traditions

There are many special ways to honor a parent through personal traditions or traditions for the entire family, such as:

  • If you have children of your own, make one of your parent’s favorite recipes together.
  • Have monthly dinners with your family members to honor your parent’s memory and share stories about them.
  • Visit their gravesite or ash scattering location to talk to them or have a picnic with family members.
  • Volunteer in your community for a cause that they were passionate about, such as your local hospice center or animal shelter.
  • Learn one of their favorite hobbies, such as knitting or fishing.

Personalized Mementos

Whether you’re looking for a DIY craft project or something simple, these are a few of the endless personalized memento ideas:

  • Make a scrapbook of your memories together. Or gather all your photos of them and put them into a photo album.
  • Compile all your digital photos of your parent and scan any print photos to put onto CDs or flash drives for your loved ones.
  • Plant a memorial garden in their honor or have a memorial stone or bench dedicated to them at your local community park or funeral home’s memorial garden.
  • Personalize a memorial bookmark with photos and quotes to remind you of them as you read.
  • Create memorial jewelry or have a piece of jewelry engraved with their name.

How are you honoring your parents this Parents’ Day? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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