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How to Request and Share Families’ Testimonials [Video]

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Funeral Profession Videos


Hi, I’m Sam Giedris, the Social Media and Video Specialist here at Frazer. And today, I want to talk to you about how your funeral home can request and share testimonials.

Reaching out to your families for testimonials can be difficult because funerals are such a sensitive subject. But by carefully deciding who to ask and not directly asking them for a testimonial, you can make this difficult conversation a little easier. When deciding which families to ask for testimonials, look for families that you’ve served recently who have already given you positive feedback about their experience. You should also look for families who you have helped with unique or out-of-the-box funeral services.

Once you’ve decided who to ask for testimonials, you should make it as easy as possible for them to share their experience. Filling out a form on your website is one of the easiest ways for families to provide feedback. Another option is for you to reach out to families a few weeks after their service to check in on them and provide grief resources. Then, if they seem up to it, you can ask for feedback on their experience working with your funeral home. If they share positive feedback, ask them if they’d be comfortable with it being used as a testimonial for your services.

No matter how you request testimonials, be sure to always explicitly ask families permission to share it on your website, social media pages, or any other place you plan on using it. Once you have a testimonial and permission to share it, you can create an image with their quote on it and share it to your social media channels. Posts with photos tend to do better than those without, so adding the quote to an image will help your post be seen by more people. If you don’t want to create an image, you could create a testimonials tab on your website and post your positive feedback there.

To learn even more about requesting testimonials, download our Responding to Reviews and Requesting Testimonials eBook here.


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