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Making the most of your funeral flowers

by | Mar 28, 2017 | For Families

Red tulips

Flowers have been a crucial part of funerals and expressing condolences since as early as 60,000 years ago when Neanderthals buried flowers with their deceased. Although we’re unsure of the exact purpose they intended for the flowers, researchers believe they were for a burial ritual or ceremony.

Today, flowers are used to create more unique and meaningful funerals for loved ones. From floral sprays and wreaths to flower mementos and displays, funeral homes can provide families with a personalized funeral service, starting with the flower arrangements.

Let’s look at the meaning behind funeral flowers.

Meaning Behind Flowers

With so many kinds of flowers, we know that finding the perfect flowers for a loved one’s funeral is both difficult and important. When making this important decision, the meanings behind certain flower colors and types can help represent your feelings or the personality of the deceased.

Here are the meanings behind a few commonly used funeral flowers:

  • Carnations: Admiration, remembrance, and love.
  • Chrysanthemums: Positivity and truth.
  • Gladiolus: Strength and sincerity.
  • Hydrangea: Sincerity and understanding.
  • Lilies: Innocence.
  • Orchids: Sympathy.
  • Roses: Love or reverence.
  • Tulips: Renewal and hope.

Now that we’ve covered the meanings of different flower types, here are flower color meanings in terms of funerals:

  • Red: Strength and love.
  • Orange: Enthusiasm and warmth.
  • Yellow: Friendship and new beginnings.
  • Green: Nature and renewal.
  • Blue: Sadness and peace.
  • Purple: Respect and admiration.
  • Pink: Grace and innocence.
  • White: Elegance and reverence.

If one of these flower colors or types doesn’t represent all your thoughts and emotions, you can choose a multi-colored floral arrangement with a variety of different flowers. When choosing your funeral flower arrangement, different styles of floral sprays evoke different meanings as well, such as a heart-shaped wreath for love.

Check out our sympathy flower infographic for more information on choosing the right flower.

Include the Whole Family

Once you’ve decided on your flower preferences, you can incorporate them into your funeral decorations. The whole family of the deceased can be included by making the flower decorations together. A floral flower wreath with photos of the deceased to add a personal touch is a simple, yet memorable decoration — or you can create a photo display surrounded by the funeral flowers. Family members can each be given a flower seed packet as a funeral gift and a flower to place on the casket before the burial or on the ash scattering site.

If you want a natural-themed funeral or if the deceased was outdoorsy, have a spring-themed funeral centered around flowers or an outdoor funeral in a flower garden, especially if the deceased had their own garden, where you can easily incorporate floral decorations. Family members can add some more personalization by putting flowers in rain boots, watering cans, or other unique spring-themed objects.

Make Funeral Flower Mementos

When the funeral is over, don’t let your flowers go to waste. You took the time to choose the perfect arrangements and they deserve to be cherished forever with the memory of your deceased loved one by turning them into mementos. Here a few sympathy flower memento ideas:

Pressed Flower Mementos

  • Frame-pressed flowers
  • Flower coasters
  • Flower bookmarks

Dried Flower Mementos

  • Dried flower shadowbox
  • Dried flower potpourri
  • Dried flower ornament

Other Flower Memento Ideas

  • Decorate a keepsake candle
  • Replant flowers in a flower pot
  • Turn flowers into memorial jewelry

Have you made a funeral flower memento? Share your tips with us in the comments!


  1. Simran Ahuja

    Very informative article. Yes, indeed flowers are most important for funerals as well as for various occasions.And choosing the right ones is very important. Most of the people may not be knowing the meaning of different flowers and also the meaning of their colors but this article will help everyone to choose the perfect flowers. Keep sharing such useful posts.

  2. Flowerhub

    It is a great thing to maximise funeral flowers do something creative for the grave of someone we lose. You really have a very creative mind for sharing a useful idea about funeral flowers. Thank you.

  3. Simon Dean

    Make sure to have your florist include a small sympathy message along with the flowers. My sympathy flowers from Florist Buddies came along with a sympathy message as they will help in comforting the family of the deceased.


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