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Mourning Through Art

by | Mar 23, 2017 | For Families

An artist painting

Art is a creative outlet that lets us express emotions that are too difficult for words.

By painting a memorial picture, doing a craft project, exploring an art gallery, or using art to make a difference in the community, art provides meaningful ways to cope with the grief of losing a loved one and honor their memory.

From significant mementos to a community craft fundraiser, here are a few suggestions on how art can help us throughout the mourning process.

Immerse Yourself in Art

When mourning, trying a new hobby like art can be helpful in adjusting to life without the deceased. Expose yourself to art from different artists and cultures by visiting a local art museum, browsing an art fair, or just taking a walk downtown to look at any unique sculptures for inspiration.

After delving into different types of art, loved ones can choose an art memento to create in honor of the deceased. Whether it’s a drawing, sculpture, or another art project, art both heals and inspires others. For those who are beginners at art, consider joining a local art class or working together with family to create a special tribute keepsake.

Create and Display Your Art

From crocheting to painting, there are many different crafty art mementos to make in honor of a loved one’s life. Loved ones can try their hand at a new craft project, or continue a project the deceased never got the chance to finish.

Some art memento ideas are:

  • Crocheted blanket with the deceased’s name stitched in.
  • Drawing of the deceased or of a special memory with them.
  • Photo wreath made with fake flowers so it lasts forever.
  • Pottery piece engraved with the deceased’s name and a memorial phrase.
  • Scrapbook of the deceased’s life adventures.

Once you’ve finished your art projects, create a memorial display in your home for your art. For example, the suggestions above can be turned into an art memorial nook by hanging the photo wreath on the wall alongside the drawing inside a memorial frame, placing the scrapbook and pottery piece on a table against the memorial wall, and putting a chair next to it draped with the crocheted blanket. The memorial space provides loved ones with a special place to think about the deceased.

Spread the Gift of Art

Besides keeping all of your creations, you also can donate them to a charity or have a fundraiser to raise funds for a cause that was important to the deceased. The whole community can be involved in making the mementos together, such as jewelry, to raise funds for a cause or to give to hospital patients to brighten their day. Or, community members can come together to create a beautiful memorial mural in their town.

What other ways can you mourn through art? Share them with us in the comments!


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