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Organizations That Help Grieving Families When Their Child Passes

by | Feb 21, 2019 | For Families

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For families, losing a child, sibling, or grandchild can be devastating. It’s an especially difficult grieving process because it was a life gone too soon. Many family members will always wonder who the child would have grown up to be and be sad they didn’t get to experience most of life.

That’s why it’s important for these grieving families to reach out for support in their time of need — whether that support is financial, emotional, or therapeutic.

Below are some businesses and organizations grieving families can utilize after the loss of a child.

Pahiki Eco-Caskets

Based out of Hawaii, this eco-friendly company builds biodegradable caskets using responsibly sourced, untreated, reclaimed wood that’s from local arborists. Their beautiful caskets typically cost around $2,000, however, their child-sized caskets (1-4 ft. long) cost $1. They believe that families dealing with such a great loss should not have to also worry about any financial burdens.

The Compassionate Friends

This organization has all sorts of resources for families who lost a child. Various local chapters offer monthly, peer-to-peer support meetings. They also plan events for bereaved families such as A Walk to Remember, a butterfly release, or a lantern launch. Families can sign up for their local chapter’s newsletter or stay up-to-date by checking out their Facebook and website.

The Lullaby Trust

The Lullaby Trust supports families who lost an infant and has the mission to reduce the number of SIDS deaths. They have advice for safer sleeping for infants and support young, inexperienced parents. For families who lost their baby, they have a network to connect them to other families who experienced a similar loss.

Bereaved Parents of the USA 

This national non-profit self-help group offers support to all members of a family who lost a child. Everything is free and volunteer-based so families don’t have to worry about paying dues and can get on the road to recovery. Their mission is “helping grieving parents and families rebuild their lives after the death of a child,” and they do so through annual conferences, support groups, and free resources.

Comfort Zone Camp

Oftentimes, the siblings of the deceased child have a difficult time understanding and dealing with their grief. That’s why Comfort Zone Camp was created. It’s a free program that helps unite children during their time of grief and build confidence. It’s also a fun and safe place for them to enjoy being a kid again.

Miscarriage Matters 

Just because parents never got to meet their child due to a miscarriage doesn’t mean they don’t feel a great sense of loss. Miscarriage Matters offers support to parents grieving from miscarriage, stillbirth, and early infant loss. They have mentoring programs, live chat support, provide care packages, and raise awareness.

Twinless Twins Support Group

Twins have a special connection which is why the death of one twin can be especially devastating to the surviving twin. This organization provides support for these twins through regional meetings, national conferences, and educational resources. By being a part of this community, twinless twins may not feel so alone in their loss.

Do you know of any businesses or organizations that help grieving families after the loss of a child? Share them by commenting below!

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  1. Hannah. Chamberlain

    Hello. My son Baby Sean was diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukemia March 14,2018. He passed away over year a mother with no other children , I have never felt so low. I am desperate need of someone help. Financially we owe thousands to bills like electric, and I’m working so much I can’t Afford a day to even visit his grave. Please help if you can. Even taking a day off or going to a retreat would help. Thanks again
    Hannah chamberlain


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