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Organizations to Notify When Your Loved One Dies

by | Aug 20, 2019 | For Families

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Along with the grief that comes with losing a loved one, family members also take on the responsibility of notifying many organizations of their death. To make this process easier, we have provided a list of the most important organizations to contact when your loved one dies.

Your Local Social Security Office

For the U.S., usually, your funeral director will notify Social Security about your loved one’s passing. However, if they don’t, call 1-800-772-1213 or your loved one’s local office’s number. AARP recommends contacting them as soon as possible to avoid complicated repayments. 

Similar for Canada, if your funeral director didn’t already, you should notify Service Canada to cancel your loved one’s Old Age Security and/or Canada Pension Plan. You can contact them via phone call or mail, and you’ll need to know your loved one’s social insurance number and possibly provide proof of death, such as the death certificate. Click here for more information on how to contact them. 

Their Employer

Be sure to contact their employer. If your loved one had health insurance through their job, their employer will likely take care of contacting their provider. If not, you should also notify their health insurance provider.

Their Insurance Companies

Along with their health insurance provider, contact their other insurance companies which typically include life insurance, auto insurance, and homeowner’s insurance.

Their Financial Institutions

Hopefully, your loved one kept organized records of all their financial information. You will need to contact their bank, financial advisors, stockbrokers, and mortgage companies. Also, make sure to close all of their credit card accounts, and notify credit reporting agencies such as Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Their Driver’s License Organization

To prevent identity theft, contact their state’s or province’s division of motor vehicles to cancel your loved one’s driver’s license. Note that the organization’s name and rules vary depending on the state or province that your loved one resided in. Also, if applicable, notify their local election board to reduce voting fraud. 

Any Clubs or Organizations They Joined

Was your loved one a part of a fraternity or sorority? What about any professional organizations? Be sure to contact all of them. This is especially important if your loved one was a veteran, since they may qualify for assistance on funeral expenses.

Social Media Companies

If your loved one had any social media accounts, there are ways to notify these companies of your loved one’s death. Here are instructions for doing so on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, it’s worth reaching out to any companies your loved one has an email through.

Remember, many of these institutions require a death certificate as proof. Order enough copies of the death certificate, so you don’t run into any problems while contacting these organizations.

Are there any other organizations you had to contact when your loved one passed away? Share them by commenting below!


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