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The Frazer Team Shares What We’ve Learned About Funeral Directors [Video]

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Brooks McMahon, Funeral Profession Videos


Heather: Happy Funeral Directors and Morticians Day! Today, we want to celebrate by telling you a few things that we’ve learned about you along the way. 

Vance: When you hear the word “funeral director,” I think most people have a specific stereotype that comes along with those two words, and since I’ve been at Frazer, I’ve quickly realized that funeral director, funeral home owner is just like any other person in your community. They’re educators, they’re coaches, they’re community leaders, some are involved in politics, religious organizations, and they wear multiple hats outside of the funeral home just like they do inside of the funeral home. 

Katie: I was surprised to learn that funeral directors don’t really have your typical 9 to 5 job. They work all sorts of hours to meet with families and do whatever they can to meet families’ needs. 

Sam: Before I started working at Frazer, I had never realized that funeral directors were storytellers, in a way. They work with families to tell a loved one’s life story, and I think that it’s really beautiful, and I wish that more people knew about that. 

Brooks: When I got asked that question first, I think I thought about how like funeral and like death is kind of taboo to some people. But, going in and talking to a funeral director now after knowing, you know, these people and talking to them daily, it would be more comfortable. It’s just normal people, normal conversation, and a normal part of life. 

Monica: One thing that I’ve learned about funeral directors since working here is that a lot of them will employ therapy dogs to support families in their time of need. 

Jenna: I wish more people realized how much work goes on behind the scenes to plan a service. 

Jason: I never knew that funeral directors have to renew their education on a yearly basis. That’s a really interesting aspect of the industry. 

Jenny: I didn’t know that funeral directors are also event planners. Some of them host holiday remembrance programs or educational events. 

Ryan: Well I learned that funeral directors have to wear many hats. They’re not just funeral directors. A lot of times they’re pillars in the community, whether or not they’re volunteering for churches, for Lions Club, for schools, what have you. A lot of funeral directors that I run into also are mayors or the county coroner, you name it.

Taylor: Yeah so one of the things that surprised me about funeral directors when I first started working here was how much they care about their communities. They care about their customers, and they just want an overall good experience for the families when they come and see them. They know that they are going through a difficult time, and the best thing that they want to do is just help facilitate them at that time of grief and at that time of loss. 

Brett: One of the things that I didn’t realize about funeral directors before I started working at Frazer is just how readily available and accessible they are. I mean, the job’s 365 days a year, you know constantly on call helping families. It’s really kind of amazing just how, you know, accessible they are to helping families. 

Heather: One thing that I’ve learned by working with my clients is that they’re always dedicated to the families. Even if the family is only a part of their lives for a short time, they’re constantly working to make their lives easier in such a difficult time. 


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