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These haunted hotels are straight from your nightmares (Part II)

by | Aug 5, 2016 | For Families

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This is the second half of our list of the best haunted hotels in every state of the U.S (click here to review the first half again). Are you brave enough to check them out?

Chadron, Nebraska — Old Main Street Inn

If you visit the Old Main Street Inn, be prepared to be visited yourself. Two apparitions have made this inn their home, and are known by the staff as Anna and Jack. They enjoy moving items in guests’ rooms, making footstep noises, and breaking glass.

Las Vegas, Nevada — Flamingo Las Vegas

Stay in the presidential suite or walk through the garden at Flamingo Las Vegas, and you might find yourself face-to-face with the ghost of Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. Bugsy, who owned it, was a mobster. He was shot after the mob found out he had been skimming money from the resort.

Bartlett, New Hampshire — The Notchland Inn

When Nancy Barton discovered that her soon-to-be husband had run off with her dowry for another woman, she set out to find him and died in a snowstorm. She now haunts the nearby Notchland Inn and writes on the mirrors in lipstick or fog — even if the shower isn’t running. 

Cape May, New Jersey — The Southern Mansion

An 1863 beauty that was fully restored in 1996, the Southern Mansion is home to many spirits. One in particular is Ester Mercur, who was the last living relative of George Allen, the original owner. Guests hear her laughter, smell her perfume, and see her appear throughout the house.

Albuquerque, New Mexico — Hotel Parq Central

Once a hospital and later a psychiatric hospital, it’s no surprise that the Hotel Parq Central has tons of paranormal activity. Both patients and guests have reported whispers in their ears, apparitions, coldness, and even blankets being pulled off of them in the middle of the night.

New York, New York — Hotel Chelsea

The Hotel Chelsea, sometimes called the Chelsea, has an incredibly odd and interesting history and was a place often visited by celebrities. The most infamous ghost residents are Sid Vicious, former bassist for the Sex Pistols, and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen.

Asheville, North Carolina — The Omni Grove Park Inn

The Omni Grove Park Inn is famous for many reasons, including being an award-winning resort that presidents and other famous persons have visited. But another reason for its fame is the Pink Lady, a kindly spirit that has been seen and felt in the inn for nearly 100 years.

Anamoose, North Dakota — Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast

Built in the 1800s, the Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast was originally a schoolhouse until it was no longer large enough to serve the town. During this time, a superintendent and young student were burned to death in a fire caused by the boiler.

Granville, Ohio — Buxton Inn

There are many tales of the different ghosts that inhabit this inn, which was built in 1812. Familiar spirits include Orrin Granger, who built the inn; Major Horton Buxton, for whom the inn was named; Bonnie Bounell, another former innkeeper who died in room 9; and a cat.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — The Skirvin Hotel

Rumors state that W.B. Skirvin, the original owner, had an affair with one of the maids. When she became pregnant, he locked her away on the 10th floor and she became depressed, even after the birth. She eventually jumped from the window with the child, killing them both.

Florence, Oregon — Heceta Head Lighthouse

This bed and breakfast is worth staying in just for how gorgeous it is, but if you choose to pay it a visit you can expect to meet the “Gray Lady,” who is nicknamed Rue. She has been spotted and heard all over the grounds by guests since the 50s.

New Hope, Pennsylvania — Logan Inn

The Logan Inn, which dates back more than two centuries, is home to no less than eight different ghosts. Stay in room 6, and you just might see a dark figure appear behind you in the mirror, or see the spirit of Emily, the mother of the inn’s former owner.

Charlestown, Rhode Island — General Stanton Inn

The General Stanton Inn is one of the oldest operating inns in the United States, and it has its fair share of spooky stories. Most often reported is a spirit that tries to get your attention by tapping your shoulder — if you ignore him, he’s known to throw things at you.

Charleston, South Carolina — The Battery Carriage House Inn

Known as Charleston’s most haunted inn, the Battery Carriage House is home to many strange occurrences. Guests have reported bright, floating orbs; headless torsos; ghostly reflections in the mirrors; window shutters closing; and strange noises.

Deadwood, South Dakota — Bullock Hotel

Built by Seth Bullock between 1894 and 1896, the Bullock Hotel is the oldest hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota. It is said to still be haunted by Seth, who is believed to have died on the premises in room 211.

Mountain City, Tennessee — Prospect Hill Bed and Breakfast Inn

If you enjoy the thought of being pampered by resident ghosts, perhaps your next hotel stay should be the Prospect Hill Bed and Breakfast Inn. Guests report smelling muffins, cookies, and bourbon, as well as seeing apparitions and doors opening and closing on their own.

San Antonio, Texas — Emily Morgan Hotel

According to USA Today, the Emily Morgan Hotel is the third most haunted hotel in the world. Once a medical facility with a morgue, psychiatric ward, and on-site crematorium, the hotel has all sorts of odd encounters; especially if you stay on the 7th, 12th, or 14th floors.

Ogden, Utah — Ben Lomond Hotel

Having been around since 1891, this hotel has seen its fair share of deaths — from tuberculosis, to falls down the elevator shaft, to suicide, to murder. It’s no surprise, then, that some of these spirits still linger.

Manchester Village, Vermont — The Equinox

Guests experience all sorts of odd things at the Equinox, including apparitions, whispers, items moving on their own, and lights coming on. Some believe one apparition is Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of President Abraham Lincoln, who was staying at the hotel when he was assassinated.

Abingdon, Virginia — The Martha Washington Inn

This inn isn’t just one of the most haunted hotels in Virginia, it’s one of the most haunted places in Virginia period. People report seeing a ghostly horse on the grounds, a reappearing phantom bloodstain, apparitions, an ominous presence, and more.

Seattle, Washington — Hotel Andra

If you want ghosts that know how to party, look no further than the eternal residents of Hotel Andra. They have been known to throw loud parties on the 9th floor, complete with jazz and breaking glass — but if you venture to the 9th floor to investigate, the party stops immediately.

Washington, D.C. — Hotel Monaco Alexandria

This stylish hotel is part of the city’s Ghost and Graveyard Tour, and for good reason. On May 24, 1861, an altercation between the innkeeper and a Colonel ended in death of both men, who are thought to still haunt the hotel’s 6th floor.

Parkersburg, West Virginia — Blennerhassett Hotel

The Blennerhassett Hotel is home to a host of interesting ghostly characters. Some are children that play tag in the halls, one is the ghost of the man who built the hotel, another is a well-dressed man in a white tuxedo. All the hotel’s spirits appear to be friendly, though.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin — The Pfister Hotel

The Pfister is known to be one of the most haunted hotels in America and the world, even drawing reactions from MLB players who stay there. Players and other guests have reported things moving on their own and strange noises or knocking.

Cheyenne, Wyoming — The Plains Hotel

The story of the Plains Hotel is much like the story of the Lucerne Inn. Two newlyweds were staying in the hotel, and when the husband did not return from a drink at the bar, the bride sought him out and found him with another woman. She shot them both, and then herself.

Have you ever visited any of these haunted hotels? Would you even consider it? Let us know in the comments below!


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