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Unique Ideas for Creating Lasting Family Heirlooms

by | Oct 15, 2018 | For Families

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An heirloom is a valuable object that gets passed along by family members for generations. Items typically include jewelry, fine china, pocket watches, and furniture. However, valuable doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. It can also mean the object holds a lot of importance to family members. Old photographs, letters, and diaries can be just as, if not more, meaningful.

Do you want to start a family heirloom to pass down to your children? Try these unique ideas below!

Make a Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a great way to keep all your family photographs in one place. It also holds a lot of meaning knowing someone made it by hand. Don’t just make it on your own, get your family involved! Have them choose their favorite photos from family events to include. Assign each family member to make a page to put in the scrapbook. Bonus points for creativity!

Put Together a Time Capsule

Find a unique container and have your family fill it with items that are special to them. Every few years at family gatherings, look at the items of the past and continue to add more. Generations from now, your relatives will appreciate seeing what was from your era.

Paint a Family Portrait

Painted portraits were common before photography became popular and more advanced. With digital photography, people snap thousands of photos a year. Painting or hiring someone to paint your family’s portrait is a personalized way to capture who your family members were.

Consider taking a more artistic approach with the portrait by including things that symbolize your family members. For example, if your daughter loves nature, include animals around her. Don’t feel like the painting needs to be serious. Adding a few whimsical touches is what will make future generations smile.

Keep a Life Events Diary

Life can be hectic which makes it difficult to keep a daily diary. That’s why it’s better to keep a life events diary. Be sure to journal on monumental days like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, family vacations, and funerals. Write about how you’re feeling, what events took place, and who was there. This gives a special inside look into your family’s life.

Engrave a Quote on Jewelry

Find a quote that is significant to you and your family and get it engraved on a piece of jewelry. It could be a ring or bracelet you already own, or you could find a new one to use.

Does your family have an heirloom? Share what it is in the comments!


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