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Weird Death Coincidences: Part Two

by | Jul 5, 2016 | For Families

A rusty shipwreck on the coast

We recently wrote a blog with 12 odd death occurrences, including a drowning at a lifeguard party and the owner of Segway riding his Segway off of a cliff.

Because so many of our readers found that blog interesting, we’ve compiled even more odd death coincidences!

Oh, Hugh

The Menai Strait is a stretch of shallow water that separates the island of Anglesey from the mainland of Wales, and it’s been the cause of hundreds of shipwrecks over the years. Of notable mention are three shipwrecks that occurred on the same date — December 5th in 1664, 1785, and 1820. A sole person survived each wreck — all were named Hugh Williams.

Though there is some speculation around the truth of this legend, the first shipwreck has been confirmed as true and there is good evidence supporting at least the second wreck.

Sister, Sister

In 2002, two sisters driving two Jeep Cherokees died in a wreck in Alabama. What makes this story even more coincidental — and heartbreaking — is that they crashed head-on into one another, while on their way to see each other.

Unlucky Passenger

In 1871, Ramon Artagaveytia was one of only 65 to survive the fire and sinking of the ship America. Overcome by nightmares following the wreck, he swore he’d never ride on a ship again — that is, until wireless telegraphs were installed to improve the safety of ships.

He wrote to his cousin Enrique in 1912 saying that he was excited to finally be able to travel again without fear, and was looking forward to his voyage to the U.S. via the ship Titanic, before returning to Argentina from a trip to visit his nephew in Europe.

Loco Locomotive

In 1983, the British Rail authorities renamed one of their trains from 47216 to 47299 after a clairvoyant woman predicted a train with the number 47216 would crash. Despite renaming the train, it collided with another local train on Dec. 9, 1983, and killed one passenger.

Date Plate

Dominic Calgi’s license plate read 5V 17 32. An unassuming, uninteresting set of letters and numbers — that is, until his death on May 17, 1932.


As a boy, the famous composer Guiseppe Verdi was so distracted by music within a church, that he did not hear the priest ask for water and wine. The priest became angry, kicking him down the altar steps. Out of anger, Verdi said, “May God strike you with lightning!”

Eight years later, the priest was struck by lightning, and killed.


Arnold Schoenberg, a composer, was terrified of the number 13. This condition, called triskaidekaphobia, terrified him until his last breaths. He died on Friday the 13th, in July 1951, at the age of 76 (7 + 6 = 13).

The Prediction

In a 1974 interview with the Beaver County Times, NBA legend Pete Maravich was discussing criticism he had been taking from fans. During the interview, he said, “I don’t want to play 10 years in the NBA and die of a heart attack at age 40.”

Maravich played ball from 1970 to 1980, when he died of a heart attack. He was 40.

Bad Dreams

The night before a fight, Sugar Ray Robinson dreamed that he killed his opponent with a single left hook. Shaken, he tried backing out of the fight but was assured by a Catholic priest that his fears were unfounded.

In the eighth round, Robinson hit his opponent Jimmy Doyle with a left hook, and Doyle never recovered. He died the next day.

Impeccable Timing

A woman in Prague, after discovering her husband’s infidelity, decided to jump from the third-story balcony to her death. But in a weird twist of fate, she ended up falling directly on her unfaithful husband. She lived, but he did not survive.


In 1994, a teenager was so frustrated during a round of golf that he hit a bench with a golf club. The club broke, bounced back, and pierced the boy in the heart. He died later that day.

Case Closed

During the 19th Century, a lawyer named Clement Vallandigham tried to demonstrate how a man managed to shoot himself, not his client. While investigating how this happened, he accidentally shot himself the same way the victim had, and subsequently died.

He won his case.

Do you know of any other bizarre death coincidences? Share them in the comments below!


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