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Best Practices for Logo Design

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Technology

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Is your funeral home’s logo feeling a little outdated? Perhaps it’s time for a simple refresh or to redesign your logo entirely.

Since your logo is one of the first things client families see, it’s going to affect their first impression of your business. It serves the purpose of giving families information about your brand and helps them decide if it’s what they’re looking for. Having an outdated or unsightly logo can reflect poorly on your funeral home’s brand.

To help you start on your new logo, we talked to our designers to learn the best practices for funeral home logo design. Below are some of the most important things they said to keep in mind.

Keep it Clean

Even if you have the most organized and orderly funeral home, a cluttered logo is going to make client families think otherwise. The best logos are straight to the point and give the viewer an immediate and clear sense of “you.”

This also means you should avoid having any overly detailed images in your logo. People with vision impairments will find them hard to read and they often become illegible for everyone at smaller sizes.

Avoid Unnecessary Words

Things like your phone number, email, and address are all subject to change, which mean they should be left out of your logo. You want your logo to be timeless and since it will be on all of your marketing materials, you don’t want any outdated information on it. Also, having all this information on your logo just makes it look too busy and cluttered.

Choose Color Strategically

It’s well known that color has the ability to evoke emotions. Use colors that will express the feelings you want your client families to feel.

Also, make sure your logo looks good in black in white as well as color. There may be instances when you can’t use color and will need your logo to be legible in black and white. For example, if you get embroidered shirts, the embroidery machine uses a black and white version of your logo to determine where the thread should be.

Use a Vector Image

More often than not, you will want your logo to be a vector image. This means that you will be able to change the size of your image without it becoming distorted and pixelated.

It’s also important to make sure your logo is easy to read at any size. It’s likely it will be used on a variety of mediums like a large outdoor sign or a pen.

Make It Memorable

The main purpose of a logo is to make your business stand out from the rest. Though it’s best to keep your logo simple, that doesn’t mean you should have one void of personality! If there’s an object, theme, or service that’s unique to your funeral home, show that in the logo.

For example, if you’re known for using a carriage in your services, consider adding a carriage silhouette to your logo. A silhouette is better than a detailed image because it’s more versatile and keeps your logo looking clean — it also is a way to make your logo stand out.

Choose the Perfect Font

It’s a common joke amongst graphic designers that Comic Sans and Papyrus are on the blacklist for good design. It’s true that a good font makes all the difference!

The font of your logo plays a crucial role in forming the image of your funeral home. Believe it or not, but the typeface of your logo tells a story about your brand before the words do. A serif font like Garamond is elegant and easy to read, or a sans-serif like Helvetica or Arial will have a more modern feel.

Choose accordingly. If you want to show your funeral home has a proud heritage and long history, you may want to use a serif font. If you offer more modern, cutting-edge services, then a sans-serif may be a better choice.

Have you seen any logos you admire lately? Share what you liked about them in the comments below!

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