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3 Personalized Products to Help Your Families Memorialize a Loved One

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Funeral Personalization, Funeral Technology

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The funeral and the days or even weeks following are often a blur to families. For this reason, many of them don’t have the time or energy to create personalized products for remembering their loved one.  

Every family deserves a unique memento to pay tribute to their loved one. Your funeral home can help by offering them personalized memorial keepsakes. Thanks to the innovative technology available today, these solutions only take a few minutes to create or even require zero work from your staff. 

Let’s go over three personalized products your firm can add to your offerings. 

1. Create Stunning Memorial Videos in Just a Few Easy Steps 

Psychological Benefits of Memorial Videos 

Did you know there are psychological benefits to watching movies? We wrote this blog post about it a while ago, but it’s just as relevant today.  

To sum it up, seeing images in movies trigger emotions that we can’t help but react to. Sometimes they make us laugh, smile, or even cry. Releasing these emotions is good for our health, as it can lower blood pressure, improve our mood, and help us remember fond memories.  

Memorial videos that cover a loved one’s life story often contain moments that cause all these reactions. That’s why it’s so important for families to have video keepsakes to cherish forever. 

Memorial Videos Are the New Photo Collages 

Looking at photos can create these same reactions. However, technology today allows us to create memorial videos that are more customizable than a still collage of photos. Photo collages can still be meaningful additions to a memorial video, but they aren’t as easy to customize. 

Here are a few reasons why memorial videos are the more practical and personal option.  

  • Less Time – Most people don’t have physical photos lying around like they did years ago. It’s quicker to upload digital photos for a video instead of paying to print them. 
  • More Customization Memorial videos are paired with music, transitions, and other effects to create stunning tributes.  
  • Unlimited Copies – Every family member can order a video, instead of just having one photo collage that’s either taken apart or only one person gets to keep. 
  • Permanent Virtual Tribute – Memorial videos are easier to access. Oftentimes, the video lives directly on the online obituary, or the family can order a DVD or USB drive.  

Click here to learn how simple it is to create a memorial video with Tribute Video. 

2. Give Your Families Keepsake Books to Pay Tribute to Their Loved Ones 

The Power of Photo Books 

Many families create photo books to cherish precious memories they want to remember forever. They make them for important milestones like births, graduations, and weddings. They also create them to capture family vacations and everyday moments they don’t want to forget. Whatever the reason is, photo books serve as powerful reminders of beautiful memories.  

Every family also deserves a final photobook for paying tribute to a loved one’s life. It’s a beautiful way to close the final chapter and keep their memory alive for generations to come. It captures their life story while serving as a reminder of everyone your loved one positively impacted. 

Turn the Online Obituary into a Hardcover Keepsake Book 

Everything you need for creating a personalized keepsake book is on the online obituary page. Here, you can view the obituary and service details. Family and friends can also share condolences, photos, and memories, as well as order sympathy flowers and gifts. By including all these details in a keepsake book, your families get to cherish photos and memories they otherwise may not have had, all in one place. 

Even better? There’s new technology available that automatically creates these keepsakes for you using the obituary page content. 

These hardcover Tribute Books include the:  

  • Obituary 
  • Service details 
  • Condolences 
  • Shared photos and memories 
  • Sympathy gift orders 

Click here to learn more about Tribute Book. 

3. Offer Your Families Personalized Products for Grieving Their Loss 

The Importance of Incorporating More Personalization into Your Memorial Products 

What’s the key ingredient for helping families grieve and honor their loved ones? Personalization. Without it, we couldn’t create one-of-a-kind keepsakes that capture what made a loved one special. If a keepsake looks like it could be for anyone, it’s not customized enough to the life it’s honoring.  

Incorporating more personalization into your memorial products could be just the thing to show someone the value of mementos. They are beautiful reminders of a loved one that help us grieve and honor their life. Your personalized keepsakes could also be the reason someone chooses to work with your funeral home over a competitor. 

Embrace Personalization with These Personalized Products 

Luckily, there’s personalization software that makes it easy to create customized memorial products. With this software, you can often choose from many funeral stationery themes to pick one that fits the deceased’s profession, hobbies, or interests. If your software syncs with your website, you can even pull the obituary details to save time from entering the same information. 

These are just a few examples of personalized products you can offer your families:  

  • Bookmarks 
  • Prayer cards 
  • Memorial candles 
  • Remembrance ornaments 
  • Funeral register books 

Click here to explore our personalized products that you can create with Tribute Center. We also have a beautiful collection of crystal and glass holiday remembrance ornaments. 


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