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Crowdfunding tips to help your families

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Funeral Payment Options

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When families are faced with an unexpected death or financial hardship, crowdfunding from their community can be a blessing.

And communities often are more than happy to help with a family’s funeral expenses. In recent years, Americans have been more charitable than ever before. 2015 was America’s most generous year ever, with more than $370 billion donated.

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular option

It’s not just coming from large companies or philanthropists either — according to the Boston Globe, only about 14% came from private foundations and 5% came from corporations. The rest of the $370 billion came from the pockets of individuals. The Globe article found that “Nearly seven out of 10 American households donate to at least one charitable cause each year, at an average annual rate of about $2,600.”

And we’ve found that with crowdfunding in particular, most Americans are extremely comfortable with donating to a campaign. Not just any kind of campaign either. According to the Pew Research Center, the most common crowdfunding donation made was to help a family or friend in need.

So neighbors and friends have proven that they are willing to help those in need. But because crowdfunding a funeral is still a first for many families, it can be hard for a family to effectively spread the word about their campaign when they have so many other funeral arrangements to account for.

That’s why we’ve put together a list to help your funeral home and families reach their goals for a Tribute Pay crowdfunding campaign.

Funeral fundraising tips

  1. Delegate a family member. When a family chooses to crowdfund the funeral, have them delegate a family member or two to be in charge of spreading the word and following up with thank-you cards. That way the rest of the family can focus on other arrangements for the funeral service.
  2. Get the information up early. Have the family get you all necessary information about the deceased as soon as possible. The earlier the campaign is started, the more time it has to pick up steam and visibility within the community.
  3. Use social media. Encourage the family to share the campaign on all their social media accounts. A campaign that’s shared on Facebook can see donations increase by up to 350%. You also can share crowdfunding campaigns via your funeral home’s business page.
  4. Be clear about what it’s for. Tell your families to keep their campaign straightforward. Families might choose to crowdfund for a variety of reasons — an unexpected death, a financial hardship, a memorial or tribute fund — whatever the reason, make sure the campaign states the objective. That way there’s no confusion when people donate.
  5. Only use one source to raise money. A campaign won’t do as well if it’s scattered all over different websites. Make sure families only have one campaign running to streamline the donation process and avoid confusion. (Tribute Pay’s crowdfunding feature is found right on the obituary page, making it easier for friends and family to donate.)
  6. Look for help locally. The most successful campaigns start locally. One of the best places for a family in need is at their local church. A church can make an announcement about the crowdfunding campaign at a Sunday service or mention it in their newsletter. If the family is part of any clubs or community organizations, they also can seek help spreading the word through those groups. The local media also can be another resource for making crowdfunded campaigns more visible.

Our crowdfunding feature is built around the needs of both your funeral home and your families. All donations go directly to the funeral home first, so the funeral planning can start right away.


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