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Don’t Let Your Funeral Technology Limit Your Families’ Funeral Possibilities

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Funeral Flowers, Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Payment Options

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When funeral planning, your client families want and expect as limitless of funeral options as possible. This way of thinking applies to any purchase someone makes, as you’d rather have multiple options than be limited.

When planning a loved one’s funeral, families don’t want limited options; they want as much creative freedom as possible. To give them this, make sure your funeral technology doesn’t hold them back. Instead, make sure your options are as limitless as possible.  

Below is how to make sure your client families aren’t limited by your funeral technology solutions

Design a Funeral Home Website That’s a Resource to Families  

From your website alone, families form an opinion about your funeral home. For example, let’s say a family searches for funeral homes in their area. The first website they go to doesn’t have a responsive design, so it’s difficult to navigate on their phone. It also doesn’t have a lot of resources. Then, they go to another funeral home website that’s mobile-friendly. Plus, it has helpful funeral planning and grief resources. You can probably guess which funeral home they went with. 

That’s why it’s extremely important that your website is well-designed and serves as a resource to your families. Even before meeting with your staff, if your website isn’t user friendly and resourceful, they may take their services elsewhere. 

Below are a few ways your website can be a well-designed resource: 

  • Have a responsive website design that responds to all device types 
  • Post helpful tips about funeral planning and grief to your blog 
  • Provide tools like a preplanning form and grief email subscription 
  • Answer FAQ about funerals and grief 
  • Share ideas for personalizing funerals and creating mementos 

Give Families the Funeral Payment Options They Need 

Every family’s financial situation is different, so the same payment methods won’t work for everyone. By having multiple funeral payment options, they can find the option that’s right for them. You also want to give them convenient online payment options directly on your website. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, families will appreciate your website acting as an all-in-one solution. 

For example, let’s go over a few payment types and a family who may want each one: 

  1. Online credit card payment or electronic check 
    If a family wants the convenience of paying online, then a credit card payment or electronic check may be right for them. This way, everyone can stay safe as we practice social distancing. 
  1. Crowdfunding campaign on your website 
    If a family wants to raise funds for the funeral or a related cause, then a crowdfunding campaign may be right for them. Besides the funeral expenses, they can raise money for a memorial fund, college funds, medical expenses, and other necessary living expenses. 
  1. Financing 
    If a family doesn’t have the savings for an emergency expense and would rather pay over time, then financing may be right for them. With a funeral loan, they can pay over time at a rate that works for them rather than all at once. 
  1. Life insurance assignment as funeral payment 
    If a family doesn’t have a lot of savings but has a life insurance policy, they can see if their assignment can be used as funeral payment. This way, they don’t have to worry about the funeral expenses and can focus on funeral planning and grieving. 

Provide Families with Convenient Funeral Solutions 

Lastly, your funeral home website can provide your families with convenient funeral solutions, even those who live out of town. For example, by offering flower ordering directly on your website, you can make things easy for families from out of town. They can view their loved one’s obituary, leave a condolence, and send flowers all in one place. 

This also saves them time from searching around for funeral floral arrangements. Instead of choosing a large flower company, they can support the local florists that you’ve built trusting relationships with. Depending on your funeral technology solutions, families may even be able to purchase memorial trees in their loved one’s honor, as well. 

Don’t be limited by your funeral technology solutions! With a Frazer-powered website, you can give families the creative and convenient funeral solutions they need. See how you can reach your full potential by requesting a demo


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