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Five Ways to Update Your Funeral Home Website in Minutes

by | May 12, 2022 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Technology

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Friendly reminder to review your funeral home website content if it’s been a while. Take a few minutes to make sure everything is up to date and you’re not missing anything important. 

Let’s go over five simple ways you can update your funeral home website in minutes. 

1. Update Your Funeral Home Website Staff Page 

When’s the last time you updated your staff page? A few weeks or even months? It could be time for a refresh. These are a few ideas. 

  • Take new photos of your staff if their current ones are outdated. 
  • Add new employees and take down people who no longer work at your firm. 
  • Update job titles if anyone earned a promotion. 
  • Make sure everyone’s contact information is correct. 
  • Include short bios or update your current ones as needed. 
  • Showcase your therapy dog if you have one. 

2. Make Sure Your General Price List (GPL) Is Up to Date 

Your GPL should have the most up-to-date prices and include a complete list of your products and services. Did you recently add any new products, or did you discontinue any services? Take a moment to review it and make sure everything is accurate. You can also cross-reference your GPL with your website content to make sure your list of products and services matches. 

Don’t have your GPL on your website? Adding it establishes trusting relationships with your families before you even meet with them. With more people online shopping, many expect you to list your prices on your website. 

3. Add Any New Resources and Articles to Your Website 

Have you created any new educational resources lately? These could be how-to guides, checklists, or even brochures. Make sure to add these to your website. It’s best to create a Resources tab for families to easily find them in one place. You should also have forms for people to download them, so in return for your content, you get their emails to further engage with them

Another resource you can update is your frequently asked questions page or create one if you don’t already have one. Ask your employees what questions they’re asked the most and make sure they’re included on your FAQ page. Bonus, these FAQ make great article topics for updating your blog. 

4. Optimize Your Meta Deta for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Don’t just review your website’s front-facing content. There’s also the back-end content for SEO that helps search engines understand what your content’s about, such as: 

  • Meta webpage titles and descriptions — These appear on search engine results pages, so you want to make sure they accurately describe the webpage’s content. 
  • Keywords — Your webpages should have unique keywords to describe the content. They should also reflect what a user types into a search engine to find more information about a topic they’re interested in. 
  • Alt text for images — These let search engines better understand your content, appear in case your images don’t load, and are read aloud for those who are visually impaired. 

5. Scan Your Content for Anything Else That’s Outdated or Missing 

Look through your entire website with a fresh set of eyes. For example, these are a few other quick ways you can update your site:  

  • Ask families you recently served for updated testimonials to include on your website. 
  • If you recently added any new locations, make sure to put the address and contact information for these locations on your site. 
  • Did you create a new social media page? Link to it on your site so families can easily access it. 
  • Did you make any updates to your brand, such as your logo or mission statement? Make sure you display the most recent versions on your site. 
  • Include any recent news updates about your firm that your community should know, such as any awards you won or events you hosted. 

These ideas don’t replace the need for a funeral home website upgrade if you need one. They cover small updates you can regularly make to keep your content up to date. 

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