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For funeral homes, crowdfunding is easy and beneficial

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Funeral Payment Options

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With nearly 70,000 active funeral crowdfunding campaigns on GoFundMe right now, it’s clear that there is a need for many families.

This is especially true when the death of their loved one was unexpected and tragic, like an accident, murder, or suicide. Many funeral homes have started stepping up in their communities to provide help in these situations.

But tragedy isn’t always why these families turn to crowdfunding — there can be many reasons:

  • The family wants to be able to afford a better memorial service for their loved one.
  • The family is raising money for a favorite charity or cause in honor of the deceased.
  • The family has the loved one’s medical expenses that they need help covering.
  • The deceased left behind young children, and the family wants to start a college fund.

That’s why funeral homes are starting to provide crowdfunding for families directly on their website, making things easier for the family because they don’t have to set it up themselves.

And while crowdfunding has helped many different families in many different situations, it’s also very beneficial for the funeral homes who set up the campaigns. By using crowdfunding directly on their websites, the funeral homes:

  • Get more direct traffic to their website and obituaries.
  • Receive funds directly and have complete control over the money raised.
  • Are able to offer even more for their families.
  • Show their community that they support them.
  • Bring in more revenue through additional services or keepsakes and stationery.

One of the most important benefits to funeral homes, though, is how easy the crowdfunding platform is for them to set up and use. It’s as simple as turning the feature on in Tribute Pay and discussing options with each family to let them decide if they want it or not.

If the family decides to use crowdfunding, the director just turns crowdfunding on for an individual when they input their obituary information. Then they select a goal amount and end date. After that, the rest of the process happens automatically.

When the campaign ends on the predetermined date (typically 30 days after the service), the director will be able to see a full statement for the campaign on the administrative side of their website. It will detail every donation, who donated, their address, and any amount that is due back to the family.

If there is money to be given back to the family, you get to personally present them with a check for that amount. Imagine the positive word-of-mouth marketing you’ll get if the family’s last memory of working with you is being handed a check!


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