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Frazer Consultants Releases FrazerGO Funeral Home Management Software

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Payment Options, Funeral Technology


MIDDLETON, Wis. — Funeral technology company Frazer Consultants is excited to branch out into funeral home management software with the release of their new product, FrazerGO

FrazerGO is browser-based, so it’s accessible from anywhere across virtually any device. It gives funeral directors a single place to manage their cases, tasks, upcoming services, and more, so they can go paperless. 

Adam Hovey, Sales Manager at Frazer Consultants, said FrazerGO saves funeral directors much-need time. 

“Since all your day-to-day operations are housed in the same system, you don’t have to waste time constantly switching platforms,” said Hovey. “It also integrates with your Frazer website to create a single point of data entry, so you don’t need to repeatedly enter the same data.” 

With this tool, funeral directors get access to several features to take the funeral planning process online, such as collecting signatures electronically. 

“Our developers built FrazerGO’s electronic signature tool directly into the software, so you no longer need to deal with the hassles and additional fees of using a third-party service,” said Hovey. 

Frazer’s Tribute Pay payment platform also is built into FrazerGO to streamline the accounting and billing process. 

“Families can pay in person, through an email invoice, or directly on your Frazer website,” said Hovey. “No matter what option they choose, the payment flows into FrazerGO. Since everything is in the same place, it makes doing your reporting much easier.” 

To make sure funeral directors don’t miss anything related to their cases, FrazerGO provides an at-a-glance view of their outstanding tasks and upcoming services, visitations, and appointments. 

FrazerGO also makes it easy to collaborate with families to gather vitals, photos, and other assets. 

“If you can’t meet with the family in person, whether it’s because they live out of town or for another reason, you can collect the information from them virtually,” said Hovey. “It’s all securely stored in one place, so you don’t have to worry about anything getting misplaced or compromised. There’s even a chat feature for you and the family to ask questions or give any updates.” 

For more information about FrazerGO, click here.


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