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Frequently Asked Questions About Funeral Technology Solutions

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Payment Options, Funeral Technology

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We understand that the ins and outs of how funeral technology works can be a little confusing at first. That’s why we want to take some time to answer frequently asked questions we hear about funeral technology solutions. 

What does a responsive website mean? 

When a website has a responsive design, it responds to whatever screen it’s being viewed on. Whether it’s the smallest smartphone to the largest computer monitor and everything in between, your website adjusts to all device types. 

Why is being responsive important? 

With many people using mobile devices for online searches, being responsive is important. It helps your client families have a better user experience when viewing your website. Search engines like Google also rank responsive websites higher in their search engine results pages than websites that don’t have a responsive design. 

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?  

SEO is a set of systems and practices that help improve where your website shows up on search engine results pages. Basically, it’s the steps you take to make sure your website gets found when people search for keywords that are relevant to you. It can be a little complicated, but by working with an SEO expert, they can make sure your website follows SEO best practices. 

How can I customize my funeral home’s website?  

There are many ways to customize your funeral home’s website, from simple changes to more complex changes. For simple changes, you can update your logo, images, and website content to reflect your funeral home’s brand. If you want to make larger design changes like changing the layout or adding funeral planning tools, it’s best to work with a professional funeral home website designer who specializes in this. 

Why aren’t my website changes showing up? 

If you made changes to your website, your browser might still show a previous version. This is because your browser’s cache still has old data saved to make your website load faster. Your cache needs to be cleared to reflect the changes. To clear your cache, many browsers have quick keyboard shortcuts by holding down the control, shift, and delete keys at the same time. If that doesn’t work, there are other ways to clear your cache depending on your browser and device.  

Is my funeral technology secure?  

An easy way to know if your website is secure is if it begins with HTTP or HTTPS. If it begins with HTTPS, your website is secure. If not, your sensitive information might be vulnerable to cyber attacks. But don’t worry, by adding an SSL certificate to your website, you can make sure your information is secure. If you work with a professional funeral home website provider, having an SSL certificate is typically best practice. 

How can my funeral technology solutions help save me time? 

Depending on your website provider, your website may be equipped with time-saving tools. Some examples of time-saving features are lead generation forms for collecting families’ information on your behalf and integrations with funeral management software and answering service companies to eliminate double data entry. With the right funeral technology, your website can feel like an additional employee for your funeral home. 

Can my funeral technology help improve my cashflow? 

Depending on your website provider, your website may be equipped with revenue-generating features. Some examples are offering alternative funeral payment methods, such as crowdfunding and life insurance assignments, and offering flower ordering directly on your website and earning a commission from the sales. With this additional revenue, you can tackle other projects, such as offering new services and expanding your employee appreciation efforts. 

Don’t be limited by your funeral technology solutions! With a Frazer-powered website, you can have a website that’s unique to your funeral home and equipped with time-saving and revenue-generating features. See how you can reach your full potential by requesting a demo


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