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Funeral Home Happenings — November 5, 2018

by | Nov 5, 2018 | Funeral Home Happenings


Funeral directors and funeral home owners constantly strive to improve themselves for their community and the families they serve.

Unfortunately, they don’t often get the recognition they deserve. That’s why Frazer Consultants regularly features the accomplishments of funeral directors and funeral homes in our Funeral Home Happenings blog. See what your peers and colleagues have been up to lately!

If you or someone you know deserves recognition, email us at We’d love to feature you or them in our next installment of Funeral Home Happenings!

Funeral Home Provides Rides to Election

Clora Funeral Home is making sure everyone has a ride to the voting polls on November 6th by offering limo rides.

Read more at Michigan Chronicle.

Sweater Collection at Funeral Home

Hindman Funeral Homes & Crematory Inc. is sponsoring Operation Sweaters for Veterans. Donations will be delivered to local VA hospitals, VA homes, and other veterans service organizations.

Read more at The Tribune-Democrat.

Funeral Director Speaks at Community Event

Jeff Baronick of Baronick Funeral Home and Crematorium, Inc. is participating in “Ask a Funeral Director.” This event gives community members a chance to get their questions about the profession answered.

Read more at WTAJ.

Funeral Director Receives Award

Eric Fithyan of Chambers & James Funeral, Pet and Cremation Services has received the Charles E. Dodd Award. This award goes to an outstanding funeral director in West Virginia every year.

Read more at Herald-Star.

Funeral Home Celebrates 150 Years of Service

Dee Funeral Home has been serving the Concord, Massachusetts community for 150 years. To celebrate, they showed off their horse-drawn hearse they’ve had since 1868.

Read more at Wicked Local.

Funeral Home Provides Life-Saving App

Fitzpatrick Funeral Home is inviting community members to download the Vital ICE app. This app helps first responders properly care for people in the case of an emergency.

Read more at Tribune-Star.


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