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Is Your Funeral Home Losing Website Traffic?

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Funeral Home Websites

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Website traffic is important for your funeral home’s exposure and finding potential client families.

The more people who visit your funeral home’s website, the more people that could turn to you for help during their time of need.

When it comes to deciding where to post obituaries, it’s important to consider search engine optimization (SEO), cost, and the amount of control you have when displaying your information online.

Website SEO

SEO is about getting more website traffic and appearing higher in search engine result pages like Google or Bing. The better your website’s SEO, the more traffic your website will get.

If you use a third-party obituary hosting site, potential families may never make it to your funeral home’s website because your obituaries will have the domain name of the obituary hosting site, not your funeral home. There may be ads or external links on the obituary hosting site that potential customers can click on as well, and then they won’t return to viewing your obituaries.

Control of Information

Being in control of your information and how it’s displayed online is important, but by using an obituary hosting site, you’re losing this control. Obituary hosting sites may not fit your funeral home’s brand or website design. The color and layout of your website may look completely different than the obituary hosting site, so it makes them feel ununified.

With the popularity of searching for information on mobile devices, you want your website to have easy readability on mobile devices, but the obituary hosting site may not be responsive on mobile devices and not display as nicely as it could. There’s also the risk of losing your obituary information if it’s not backed up or transferred somewhere and the obituary hosting site goes out of business.

The Cost

Posting obituaries online is a popular trend with newspaper circulation declining and the high cost to have them printed in newspapers, but obituary hosting websites are harming your funeral home’s web presence. Using an obituary hosting website costs your funeral home money and website traffic. An obituary hosting site might have ads on your obituary pages, but they’re the ones getting the profits.

What’s the Solution?

To regain control, switching to a Frazer-powered website gives you access to many industry-leading features, including social tribute walls where you can post obituaries.

Tribute Walls

Personalization is an important funeral trend of 2017, so it’s important to have a place to share obituaries containing a life story and give grieving family and friends the opportunity to engage and remember their loved one forever.

With Tributes Walls, not only do you have a permanent place to easily add obituaries, loved ones are provided with ways to come together, share memories, and honor the life of the deceased. On Tribute Walls, you can light a candle or leave a symbol; share messages, photos, or video to the posts if you wish; send flowers and other gifts to the grieving family; and other new Tribute Wall features.


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