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It’s the Little Things That Matter for Memorable Funeral Experiences

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Technology

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When creating memorable funeral experiences, it’s the little things that can make all the difference.

Things like thoughtful care packages and personalized photo displays tie everything together to help families grieve and honor their loved ones. Funeral directors are naturally giving people who provide their families with the necessary tools for grief and funeral planning. But can you say the same for your funeral home’s online presence?

Your funeral home’s website and social media accounts provide the perfect opportunity to add small but meaningful touches to families’ funeral experiences. You can offer educational resources and time-saving features to make their funeral experiences the best possible. For example, Frazer-powered websites come with several lesser-known features that can make a large impact on families.

Plus, our Frazer Resources Page, blog, and videos have a variety of resources for funeral directors that can help create a meaningful funeral. The best part is that these resources, blog posts, and videos are all free!

365 Days of Healing

365 Days of Healing is a Frazer-powered website feature that you can offer your families. After suffering a loss, those grieving will receive a daily grief support email to help them cope with their loss. All they have to do is give their email address to sign up. Plus, then your funeral home can collect their emails to further your aftercare efforts.

Text Directions

Text Directions is another Frazer-powered website feature to help make things easier for those grieving. Families and friends who are attending the funeral service can receive directions directly on their phone. They just need to give their phone number, and then they’ll receive a text message with directions to the funeral service location.

This is one less stressful item to figure out themselves while they’re grieving and possibly also funeral planning. Plus, the Text Direction feature does all the work, so your funeral home’s staff doesn’t have to do a thing.

Frazer Blog

Our Frazer Consultants blog covers a variety of informational topics for funeral professionals and the families they serve — such as grief, business tips, social media tools, funeral trends, and more. Our content writers use their deep understanding of the funeral profession and knowledge about marketing and technology to help funeral professionals create meaningful funerals for their families.

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Frazer Resources Page

Our Frazer Consultants Resources Page has original content crafted by our marketing team — all free for funeral professionals — such as:

  • An eBook library filled with downloadable guides on topics such as event planning and direct mail marketing.
  • Our monthly social media kits with ready-made posts and images for your social media pages.
  • Online versions of our publication The Meaningful Funeral — a magazine crafted just for funeral professionals.
  • Media kits for promoting your funeral home’s holiday remembrance program and payment programs.

Frazer Videos

Our Frazer Consultants video page not only has tutorials, but also educational and inspirational videos. From blogging and search engine optimization tips to celebrating and thanking funeral directors for everything that they do, these videos can empower you to create memorable funeral experiences for your families.

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