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New and Improved: August and September’s Noteworthy Updates to Your Frazer Products

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Funeral Flowers, Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Technology

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We’re constantly listening to your requests and coming up with new ways your Frazer products can make your lives easier. From brand-new features like our marketing packages to the smaller updates to your Frazer products that save you time and give you more options to create memorable funeral experiences. 

To make sure these small, yet important updates don’t get missed, we’re starting a blog series to highlight them! 

Below is a recap of what updates we’ve been up to in August and September. To check out June and July’s recap, click here

Website Updates 

We made several updates to your Frazer-powered website’s admin panel to give you and your families more control over virtual funeral services, including:  

  • Event Type Feature: The event type feature automatically informs Google whether an event is offline or online.   
  • Webcasting URL Field: Every event you create can have its own unique webcasting URL. Just simply copy and paste the URL in the webcasting URL field. As we practice social distancing, this will be helpful for virtual funeral services. 

Tribute Pay Updates 

We updated Tribute Pay to save your funeral home’s employees valuable time, including:  

  • Exportable CVS Files: Now, your pay statements are exportable as CVS files. This way, you can quickly and easily import the file into your accounting software instead of manually noting every transaction. 

Tribute Store Updates 

We updated Tribute Store to make things easier for your funeral home’s staff, your local florists, and the families you serve, including:  

  • Funeral Home Name on Florist Receipts: To make things easier for your local florists, we now include the funeral home name on their receipts. For florists who work with multiple funeral homes, this helps them stay organized and eliminate potential errors. 
  • Support Tools on Payment Declined Screen: If a payment is declined, families are encouraged to contact support for assistance through either phone call or chat. This way, our support team can help resolve the issue as soon as possible, and your funeral home’s staff doesn’t have to do a thing. 

To learn more about how to make the most of your Frazer products, please visit our Help Portal. 


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