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New and Improved: February and March’s Noteworthy Updates to Your Frazer Products

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Payment Options, Funeral Technology

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We’re constantly listening to your requests and coming up with new ways your Frazer products can make your lives easier. From brand-new features to smaller updates to your Frazer products that save you time and give you more options to create memorable funeral experiences. 

To make sure these small, yet important updates don’t get missed, we’re doing a blog series to highlight them! 

Below is a recap of what updates we’ve been up to in February and March. To check out December and January’s recap, click here

Website Updates 

We updated your Frazer-powered website’s admin panel to improve the Tribute Wall experience for both your funeral home’s employees and the families you serve, including: 

Email Notifications for Post Comments 

When someone leaves a condolence on a Tribute Wall using their name and email, they’ll receive an email notification if someone comments on their post. This way, everyone can better engage with each other on the Tribute Wall and make sure they don’t miss anyone’s replies to their message. 

RSVP Tool 

To help you keep better track of who is attending your events and when, there’s a new RSVP tool for Tribute Walls. With this tool, families can click the RSVP button on the event section of the Tribute Wall to reserve a time to attend the event. 

In your website’s admin panel, you can create various rules for the event. For example, you can set up time slots and a maximum number of attendees per slot. This way, you can comply with any COVID-19 restrictions. 

By default, the RSVP tool is turned off, so it only appears on the Tribute Wall if you activate it for a specific obituary. 

Tribute Pay Updates 

We updated Tribute Pay to make it easier for your funeral home’s staff to see your data, including: 

Tribute Pay Custom Form Fields

There is now a Tribute Pay setting that lets you include custom form fields in your CSV transactions export. This way, you can see all your data in one place. 

By default, this setting is turned off, so if you’d like it activated, please contact your account representative. 

To learn more about how to make the most of your Frazer products, please visit our Help Portal. 


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