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New and Improved: Noteworthy Updates to Your Frazer Products from Summer 2021

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Payment Options, Funeral Technology

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We’re constantly listening to your requests and coming up with new ways your Frazer products can make your lives easier. From brand-new features to smaller updates to your Frazer products that save you time and give you more options to create memorable funeral experiences.  

To make sure these important updates don’t get missed, we’re doing a blog series to highlight them! For this blog post, we’ll focus on some exciting new product releases and our latest partnership. 

Below is a recap of what updates we’ve been up to the last few months. To check out February and March’s recap, click here

FrazerGO: Get Everything You Need in a Funeral Home Management Software 

We released FrazerGO, our browser-based funeral home management software that saves you time and creates a more efficient process for your employees. With this tool, you can easily manage your cases, upcoming tasks, and other day-to-day operations in one easy-to-navigate system. No matter where you are, you can access it across virtually any device. 

 Additionally, with this tool you can:  

  • Collect signatures electronically with our built-in tool. 
  • Integrate with your Frazer website to create a single point of data entry. 
  • Collaborate with families to collect vital information virtually if they live out of town. 
  • See a full schedule of your outstanding tasks. 
  • Process payments in the software. 
  • And so much more. 

Tribute Pay: Streamline Your Funeral Home’s Billing and Accounting Process 

Tribute Pay is built into FrazerGO and your Frazer website, so whichever payment method your families choose, the payment flows directly into your management software — which makes it easier to do your reporting. This way, you don’t have to manually enter that data, since we all know that’s both time-consuming and increases the likelihood of errors. Plus, it’s an included feature, so there are no additional monthly or annual fees to use it. 

Families have multiple ways to pay for preneed and at-need services, which means more ways for you to get paid faster and easier than ever before. They can pay from anywhere at any time, including:  

  • In person. 
  • Through a triggered email invoice. 
  • Directly on your Frazer website with a credit card or eCheck. 
  • With one of Tribute Pay’s additional features, including crowdfunding, financing, and life insurance assignments. 

Growth Engine: Save Time with This Powerful, Automated Marketing Solution 

We’re excited to partner with Growth Engine, the first marketing automation software designed specifically for funeral homes and cemeteries. With Growth Engine, you save much-needed time with a marketing hub that posts and sends ready-to-use content on your funeral home’s behalf. Select end-of-life content from Growth Engine’s library of pre-made content, like Facebook posts and emails in 25+ categories. Schedule the content using the built-in calendar, then let Growth Engine act as your digital assistant to post and send for you. 

To make your firm’s marketing even easier for you, Growth Engine also can:  

  • Save you the time and effort of writing and planning your marketing content yourself. 
  • Create custom content with the Growth+ package. 
  • Track what topics people in your area like and follow up with nurturing emails. 
  • Generate leads and score them, which you can easily access. 
  • Automatically send text messages for aftercare and ask for reviews. 

To learn more about how to make the most of your Frazer products, please visit our Help Portal. 


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