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New Frazer Website Feature: Custom Header Image Uploader for Obituaries

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Technology

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Our staff is constantly finding more ways for your funeral home to create personalized funeral experiences. That’s why we’re excited to announce a brand-new Frazer-powered website feature for customizing obituaries!  

With this feature, you can upload custom header images for your obituaries. This way, you can further showcase a family’s loved one’s unique life story. And, it only takes a few quick and easy steps, which we’ll go over below. 

Adding Custom Header Images to Obituaries 

To add a custom header image to an obituary, click the “+ header theme” button as you normally do when creating a new obituary in your website’s admin panel.  

Then, you’ll see the “Select a header theme” pop-up window, and you should click the “Upload” button in the upper right corner.  

Then, click the “Upload Header” option. 

Once you’ve selected your image file, you can crop it within our set proportions, if you’d like.  

If the image is just for a single obituary, you can click the “Save” button in the bottom right corner, and you’re done! 

Saving Images in Library 

If the custom image is something you’d like to use for future obituaries, you can save it your library by naming the image and checking the box next to “Save as theme in library.” 

Accessing Your Saved Library 

To access your saved library, select “Custom” from the first dropdown menu. Then, all your saved themes will appear in the second dropdown menu, making it easier than ever to customize obituaries. 


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