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Social Distancing with Tribute Insurance Assignments

by | May 4, 2020 | Funeral Payment Options

Families are hurting during these complicated times, but offering multiple funeral payment options can help. Alternative payment options are what many families need now more than ever, especially online solutions. 

For instance, one convenient funeral payment option is life insurance assignments. With Tribute Pay’s Tribute Insurance Assignments feature, you can practice social distancing while making sure families’ loved ones get the funerals they deserve. 

Make your funeral home the obvious choice for families by offering options like Tribute Insurance Assignments. Let’s go over the benefits for both your staff and families.

Ensure Your Client Families Can Afford the Funeral Experiences They Deserve 

To make a family’s funeral wishes a reality, alternative online payment options may be their only option. For families who are struggling financially, paying for the funeral expenses via life insurance assignment may be the right solution for them. There’s also a cash advance option that ensures your families get their portions when they need it the most. It can be used for medical expenses, necessary living expenses, and other payments.

Offer a Convenient Funeral Payment Option That’s Done Almost Entirely Online 

With our nearly paperless system, the claim process is almost entirely online. This way, you can conveniently limit face-to-face interactions while social distancing. It’s also a faster process, with Tribute Insurance Assignment verifying claims for funding within 24 to 48 hours.

Make Sure You Get Paid on Time with Tribute Insurance Assignments 

We know that one of the biggest things funeral homes struggle with is getting paid. With Tribute Insurance Assignments, you can honor families’ loved ones while also making sure you get paid on time. You can cut down on your accounts receivable, so your families and business both get paid in as little as 24 hours. 

Boost Your Service Offerings While Creating Less Work for Your Staff 

The Tribute Insurance Assignments team handles any additional claim paperwork on behalf of your families and funeral home, so it doesn’t add extra work for your staff. Our agents also follow up with the insurance companies, so there’s no waiting around or work added to your already full plates. This way, your staff can focus on what matters most: honoring lives and helping families grieve during these uncertain times. 


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