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The Benefits of an Answering Service for Your Funeral Home

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Profession, Funeral Technology

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Funeral directors have a lot on their plate, so time management is crucial.

Ideally, you want to focus all your time on caring for your families. But to keep your funeral home running, there are other time-consuming tasks to complete, such as answering phone calls. It can be stressful to juggle answering phone calls while also meeting families in person.

However, using an answering service can make things so much easier for your funeral home’s staff. These companies receive and answer phone calls on your behalf, all while keeping your staff in the loop.

Below are several benefits of having an answering service for your funeral home:

Time Efficient

One of the major benefits is that it saves you time. It allows you to be on the phone less and spend more time creating meaningful funeral experiences for your families. You also can tackle those other tasks that you didn’t have time for before — such as finding new grief resources for your families or planning your own educational grief seminar.

24/7 Access

Most answering services are available 24/7 to help answer your current and potential client families’ questions and concerns. That means even if your staff is busy, you can rest assured that someone will always be able to pick up the line and assist your families.

Knowledgeable Staff

There are answering services that specialize in the funeral profession, so you know the staff is knowledgeable on the subject. You also can inform them about your funeral home’s products, services, brand, and other important information. This way, they’re familiar with your funeral home’s services and the funeral experience as a whole.

Stay Updated

You don’t have to worry about missing out on important information, like death calls. They notify you about important messages, and you often can even opt to receive email or text notifications. They can answer the general questions about your products and services and inform you if you should follow up with the family.

Frazer Answering Service Integrations

To make things easier for your funeral home, Frazer-powered websites are integrated with ASD and FuneralCall answering service companies. Funeral homes who have Frazer-powered websites can save time by not having to re-enter data. The information automatically transfers from your Frazer-powered website to ASD or FuneralCall.


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