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The Dos and Don’ts of Crowdfunding a Funeral

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Funeral Payment Options

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We’ve mentioned before how more families are turning to crowdfunding as an alternative option for funeral services and memorials.

At the beginning of June, we found that there were more than 65,000 funeral crowdfunding campaigns on places like GoFundMe. Currently, there are close to 78,000. In 2014, that number was just 8,000.

With more families approaching funeral homes with the hopes of crowdfunding, we’ve put together some tips to successfully managing a Tribute Pay crowdfunding campaign on your website:

  • Do get the information of the deceased on your website right away. When a family decides to run a campaign it’s important to get the information out, even if the obituary and service aren’t finalized. This will allow for people to start sharing and donating as soon as possible.
  • Don’t forget to double-check the accuracy of the deceased’s information. Confirm with the family that everything is correct.
  • Do let families know about your new crowdfunding capabilities. Don’t just assume they know. Use social media, the local newspaper, and newsletters to make them aware, and answer any questions they might have about it. (Download our crowdfunding media kit for help with this!)
  • Don’t shut the campaign down immediately after the service. Let it run for at least 30 days after a funeral to allow more time for friends and family to share and donate.
  • Do remind families that crowdfunding doesn’t have to just be for a funeral. Crowdfunding can be used to help establish a memorial tribute or a scholarship fund for a loved one, or to help pay for any medical bills the deceased may have had.
  • Do remember to share on your Facebook and other media outlets! Once a family starts a campaign, help them out. Post a link describing the situation/purpose of the campaign and encourage the community to help.
  • Don’t forget to have the family do the same. Encourage them to spread the word. With each share they expand the reach, inviting more of the community to come together to help.
  • Do explain to the family that crowdfunding can be just as meaningful as sending flowers or tribute gifts. When a loved one passes, people overwhelmingly want to help. It’s a testament to the power of community. Crowdfunding is simply another option for people to provide support.
  • Do share inspirational stories. Crowdfunding is a powerful tool for extraordinary — and often tragic — circumstances. But it also tells the story of a community coming together in a time of need. Share your past crowdfunding stories with families and your community.
  • Don’t forget to remind families that any extra money raised is theirs to keep. After you use the money for funeral expenses you get to present them a check for the remaining balance.
  • Do explain to families the importance of transparency. The most successful campaigns are when goals are clearly outlined. Tell them to explain in the obituary what the money will be used for.


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