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The Rise of Digital Mourning

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Profession

In an age where everything is digital, shared, and social, grieving is no exception. Just look at the outpouring of hashtags and statuses after a beloved public figure like Prince passed away.

Grieving comes in many forms. Digital mourning, a new concept, is one of many ways to grieve in the modern age. Social memorials, a new feature on some obituaries, provide a place for mourners to come together. Social memorials and digital grieving offer unique — and meaningful — benefits to families.

For example, one benefit is that families can instantly gain an immediate support system. In the early moments of a loss, sharing the news of a loved one’s passing (and certainly discussing the particulars) can be very hard for mourners. Social memorials allow families to receive a flood of condolences quickly and privately. In many cases, the simple messages and memories left behind are extremely meaningful to grieving families and help to facilitate the grieving process.

Grieving can make mourners feel alone in the world. Digital support reminds mourners that they’re part of a community that cares about them, including people who might not be able to attend the funeral or service. It serves to highlight the impact a loved one has made on all the lives he or she touched. It’s not only helpful for immediate families but for everyone involved. It unites people, giving them the opportunity to share unique stories and memories.

In some cases, social memorials can even serve as enduring legacies. Mourners are able to return to social memorials long after a funeral has concluded to review the warmhearted posts left behind.

We recognize the importance of digital grieving and social memorials in the digital age. That’s why Frazer Consultants created the Tribute Wall. Friends and family can access the Tribute Wall through their loved one’s obituary. Users will instantly feel at home using it, as it was designed to resemble typical social media feeds.

The Tribute Wall allows people to do more than simply “like” something. They can leave condolence messages, light digital memorial candles, share videos and photos, add songs, or choose from countless meaningful symbols. They can interact with other family members and friends.


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