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The Top Grief Subscriptions for the Families You Serve

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Technology

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Is your funeral home looking for a meaningful way to boost your aftercare efforts? Offering your families a grief subscription is a great way to support them during their grief journeys. Grief subscriptions give families that extra support, especially during year one of grief.

Below we’ve compiled the top grief subscriptions for the families you serve.

Hospice Foundation of America’s Journeys Newsletter Subscription

The Hospice Foundation of America’s Journeys newsletter subscription offers support and advice to those who are grieving a loss. The articles are written by experts, but they’re easy for anyone to understand.

Your funeral home can order a bulk newsletter subscription for your families, and they’ll ship the physical copies to you. Then, you can compile your mailing list and send them to your families. There also are several subscription options to choose from that vary in price.

The Domani Group’s Domanicare

The Domani Group’s Domanicare offers several resources for your funeral home’s aftercare efforts. With their text messaging service, their live text responders reach out to your families to see how they’re doing and offer any advice. And with their aftercare program, there’s online grief courses, an online grief support team, and many other features.

There are several package plans to choose from, such as Domanicare for $350 per month. However, if you want access to even more features, you can choose Domanicare Plus for $450 per month.

Grief Coach Text Messaging Service

The Grief Coach text messaging service sends text messages with personalized tips for those who are grieving. To personalize them, they just need the deceased’s cause of death and the person’s relationship to them.

There’s a Small Business plan for $79 per year that your funeral home can sign up for. With this package, you can have 2-99 subscriptions and send 2 custom messages to your subscribers. Or, if you’re a larger funeral home, you can choose the Organization plan for $49 per year. This comes with 100+ subscriptions and you can send 4 custom messages to your subscribers. If you want a package with 250+ subscriptions, you can contact them for a custom package option.

Frazer Consultants’ 365 Days of Healing

Our 365 Days of Healing grief subscription comes free with your Frazer-powered funeral home website. There are no hoops to jump through to sign up, no subscription fees, and no extra work on your funeral home’s part. The subscription is completely online, so you don’t have to worry about distribution or compiling a mailing list — which keeps your overhead costs low.

Families can easily sign up for free with their email address directly on your funeral home’s website. Then, they’ll receive inspiring messages of hope and healing during year one of grief.

Plus, your funeral home can use those email addresses for even more aftercare efforts. As for grief subscriptions, it’s the easiest and most efficient way to support families during grief that benefits both you and your families. Your funeral home doesn’t have to do anything besides letting your families know about this innovative feature.


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